Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Word From Mr. Jerry Myer Jackson Jr.

"My name is Jerry Myer Jackson Jr. My Father was a City of Atlanta Police Officer from 1935-1960.

For many years I sat in Panthersville Lodge F&AM 543 with the Honorable James T. Stanley and other fine DeKalb Officers.

Is is my Pleasure and My Duty to stand for All who are being Raped and Robbed by these Elected Officials in DeKalb and Elsewhere.

This Board of Crooks gives their Staffs raises and DeKalbs Finest off days. Not to mention they cut the Budgets of DeKalb Police & Fire and then have Lush Expensive Meals catered in on BOC work days at Tax Payer expense.

This type of Corruption could not exist if we had a Caring and Responsible District Attorney. Can I say that on this page ? LOL

And Jeff Raider who thinks DeKalb Officers are overpaid what a sack he is ! This latest land deal - Park On Lavista Rd - Nothing but a Developer Pay Day ! Send this Developer his new Tax Bill of 2.1 MILLION this week and fire this a$$ hole Property Appraiser in DeKalb ! How many more Lands in Districts 1 & 2 are under appraised ?

Also let me say that I wish to Apologize to the Officer at the BOC Meeting that I raised my voice at ! Hey this Old Marine was in Combat with Master Double Dipping Crook Johnson !

The BOC does not scare me nor does Little Lord Faunteroy Ellis and I will not miss a meeting and I will be there for you Guys - The Real Heroes of DeKalb County -"

Semper Fi My Brothers

Jerry Myer Jackson Jr


DeKalb Officers said...

Some have suggested Mr. Jackon's address be posted so we may patrol his house more often.

Giving him a little more protection is an great idea, but his address should be in house, not on the blog for all to see.

We need more vocal Jery Myer Jackson Jr.'s

Anonymous said...

one of the laid off fire recruits here.. as crazy as this might sound i would love to come back to dekalb.. hopefully more great citizens like you will step up and let the boc know they care about public safety....
Thanks Mr. jackson

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for mentioning us and our plights (again). I know that this is not the first time that you have, as I am one of the few Officers that have attended BOC meetings in the past and have seen you at work at that podium preachin the cold hard truth to those jerks.

Please keep coming to the meetings and keep sockin' it to the Board of Crooks and Chief Embezzlement Officer of DeKalb County. It may not change much, but at least it will break up the constant ass kissing they probably receive on a minute by minute basis.

God bless you sir and thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country.

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kudos for taking time out to come to meetings and let your voice be heard on the record. Keep speaking up and giving them hell. The elected officials work for you, not the other way around. We all get to a breaking point when you keep getting ignored and watching a community that you have invested in get ran into the ground. It takes a partnership and police can't do it alone. However, we have to make sure that police resources are used wisely (not for revenue generating, private security at the CEOs home and babysitting at Grady). Hold them accountable and keep naming names!!

Anonymous said...

DeKalb postpones land deal
By April Hunt

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The DeKalb County Commission postponed a controversial land purchase for two weeks Tuesday, giving some members more time to understand the deal.
Land deal raises eyebrows
DeKalb postpones land deal
The county was poised to buy a six-acre wooded lot on LaVista Road for $1.9 million despite the county’s own appraiser saying the land is worth about $400,000 for tax purposes.

Some commissioners questioned the disparity, while supporters said the difference was due to several factors. An independent appraisal done a few weeks ago values the land at $1.78 million.

The proposed purchase returns to the commission for a vote on June 28.
Deals like these are often done in the cover of light for all to see them through a glass darkly?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Jackson for standing up for us. I wish more DeKalb citizens like yourself would speak at the podium and give the BOC and CEO hell. They need to hear it. They need to feel it. And please know that the officer who approached you at the podium was between a rock and a hard place. Inside, we all know he was supporting you but on the outside was bound to perform his duty. It was really awkward for him. You could see it in his body language. Some officers have posted on here criticizing those officers that have to attend the BOC meetings for security. Ironically, if they were good leaders and not corrupt, they would not need the protection or layers of security doors in their ivory tower.

Again, thank you sir.

An Honorably Discharged Army Sergeant DeKalb County Police Officer

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jackson should run for comissioner next election cycle. It would be such a breath of fresh air to have someone who actually gives a damn on the board.

Anonymous said...

From one Devil Dog to another....thank you for all you do and Semper Fi!!!

Salvatore Hankypants said...

Thank You Mr. Jackson, GIVE'EM HELL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SEMPER FI BROTHER ! I owe you a COLD one ......

Anonymous said...

Anybody ever heard of the word "Lawsuit"? Sure works in Fulton County.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Jackson for your honesty. Somebody needs to tell the BOC (or shall I say crooks) off. We need more honest citizens like you and DeKalb might just be the place to live once again. The whole BOC needs to be replaced with citizens like you. Thanks you Police and Fire for all you do, regardless of the crooks you work for.

Claw1888 said...

Paul Revere lives. They need more like you.

-Once 321m

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jackspn's behavior was beyond despicable.
His behavior does not benefit anyone nor do his outbursts advance any cause or belief.
To hide behind the Marine Corps is an embarrasement to all who serve and have served this country.
My father was a Marine, he place a a little more emphasis on respect and honor.
Mr. Jackson outbursts and disrespect for elected officials in front of little kids from across the county was an embarassment to all the citizens of this County.
When he was angry he showed our brothers the same hate and disrespect he spews all the time.
Do us all a favor Mr. Jackson, stay home and take your meds

Anonymous said...

anon. 9:40 =

Proof that the crooks and cronies read the blog.

What do you call someone who can't spell the name of the person they're bashing, correctly?

A Dekalb County Official!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:40PM, get a life, loser! If you think Mr. Jackson's comments were out of line, you're either Larry Johnson, or one of stupid cronies. Mr. Jackson, you can count every officer in DKPD as your friend!

Guess who said...

Everybody on this so called blog talks so much crap about these BOC crooks and all you do is continue to whine and groan about what you are going to do. And guess what, all you people do is blow smoke up each others asses and get absolutely nothing accomplished in this POS place you call a county. You folks have no balls to do anything. So stop the whinning on this blog until you get enough ball power to really do something about the situation. Do something instead of whinning. And by the way , I have some beach front property in Arizona for sale when you folks oust the BOC, Yeah right!Forgetaboutit! Your stuck with them forever.Its a metasized cancer of dishonesty and greed.

quityerbeechin said...

To Anon 6/16 9:40 pm --

Your spelling and grammar are despicable! How is it possible to call a person out on "hiding behind the Marine Corps" to have you only do the very same thing in stating that "your father" was a Marine. Mr. Jackson, Jr. was simply standing up for a group of individuals who have received absolutely zero respect from the people that are supposed to be leading this county. If you yourself have a better idea on how to handle these situations, maybe you should stand up and speak yourself, instead of pouncing on those unafraid to speak. Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40 = lil'vern and BOC

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jackson's behavior was beyond despicable.
June 16, 2011 9:40 PM

Mr. Jackson’s behavior demonstrates the frustration many in the public feel toward our local government. It is amazing that you can articulate this private citizen’s behavior as despicable; yet, say not one word about our elected officials’ behavior in your statement.

It is people like you that give power to our elected officials’ arrogance. Many know they can do whatever they want because people like you will find more fault with people who would call the elected officials out.

Mr. Jackson is a private citizen who has a Constitutional right to vent during the meeting. Every time a person like Mr. Jackson exercises his 1st Amendment right, I have faith and hope that a solution to our problems is right around the corner.

However, we need one soul who would dare to speak and call out the problems.

I would half way respect your opinion if you did not make it personal by saying he needs medication. What if I said that I have no doubt that you are an elected official or work for one of these elected officials…also receive some form of compensation.

I want to thank you Mr. Jackson. You are far from being despicable. I am a Veteran and want you to continue to exercise your Constitutional rights. It is the very reason I served. We as citizens need to join you in helping our policemen and firemen.

To the citizen who criticized Mr. Jackson – I look forward to you standing before the elected officials and demonstrating the “correct way” to advocate for our policemen and firemen.

If you do not have the “balls” to put action where your mouth is, please do us a favor and shut up and take your medicine!

Valerie C. Williams said...

To the person that said "Mr. Jackspn's behavior was beyond despicable."...must not live in DeKalb County, must not have children attending DeKalb County schools, must not be an officer, and must not see the crime everyday. Also, he must not know any police officers in the county and how almost all of them have to have a second job to make ends meet. My father, two aunts, and three uncles worked as officers in DeKalb County and they have seen the horrible crime first hand and you wouldn’t believe what the officers deal with on a day to day basis in DeKalb.
I was born and raised in DeKalb and it is a different way of life…No place like home, isn’t that what they always say? It’s more like, No place I want to call home. DeKalb needs more officers on the streets with the crime the way it is and to be in danger every second you're on the road, these officers definitely need and deserve a raise. Not take their vacation days away (the only thing that keeps these officers sane), not to keep adding more furlough days (they get paid little as it is), and definitely not adding more money into the pockets of these idiots running the county, they are the ones running the county into the ground.

On A side note, other government paid persons working in DeKalb getting screwed my BOC. My sister has worked for the county as a teacher for over five years and has not received a step increase(raise), in fact she has had a pay cut because of all the furlough days. On top of that DeKalb does not contribute to her retirement and has increased her healthcare and insurance payments along with adding more children to each classroom adding a burden to her strenuous class. This is happening to all teachers and classrooms across the county. Do you, Mr. Anonymous, also believe that she, and other wonderful teachers, should continue to raise the children of DeKalb for a fraction of what these idiots on the BOC make? These worthless members make decisions that do not affect them and instead of being less greedy and concerned about the people working in DeKalb, they are more concern with how much money they can cut from the workers pockets and put it into their own.

Also I am glad your father was in the military Mr. Anonymous, and served this wonderful country that we get to so freely live in. But you, Sir, must not be in the military for you do not know how the military works. There is honor and respect in every military personal, but when someone is threatening you and your way of life, you do not sit back and let them do it, you fight. And that is what Mr. Jackson is doing, fighting! You stated, “Mr. Jackson outbursts and disrespect for elected officials in front of little kids from across the county was an embarassment to all the citizens of this County.”, (You spelled embarrassment incorrectly) which is completely insane.

Valerie C. Williams said...

You seem to be the only one who thinks DeKalb is being operated correctly and that Mr. Jackson’s comments were “disrespectful”, maybe you‘re the problem here and maybe it is time for someone to be disrespectful to those that are not deserving of respect. And on top of that, the poor little children that were at that board meeting, hear far worse on the streets of DeKalb and they have a lot more to worry about than a hot headed Jarhead who is pissed off from being screwed by DeKalb, like the rest of us have been. These children, if not careful, will be the ones being arrested by these police officers because they broke into your home and stole your flat screen television. And you, sir, would probably be the one complaining and calling the county because they didn’t show up fast enough because they were too busy on the other fifteen calls before yours, seeing they are over worked, under staffed, and well under paid.

You, sir, are an embarrassment to DeKalb County and represent the same crap the BOC stands for, NOTHING! You are what they would say in DeKalb is a 22-I. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Anonymous, you are just as guilty as the rest of them.

As for you Mr. Jackson, thank you for standing up for the county, the people and police officers of DeKalb. You see the potential we have when we finally get rid of these idiots running DeKalb. God Bless, Good Luck, and Thank You!

Anonymous said...

***HUGSSSS*** to Mr. Jackson .. i might consider coming back to work at Dekalb if more citizens like him starts sprouting up...


Anonymous said...

anon 9:40 is a punk.
There is always some cynical prick that wants to come off as special to society because his daddy touched him and his mother was a 2 bit excuse of a woman.

this cynical mentality and devils advocate style of thinking is the only quality and sense of discrimination in the lives of children such as these.

He will grow tired and foolish. Instead of old and wise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Jackson.

I am student from GSU. I am doing a research about recent land deal in Dekalb for the park. I wonder if you could answer some of my questions. I really don't have much time so if you could, please contact me through the email:

Anonymous said...

As a motor officer passed me on I-20 East and got off at Almon Road, I thought to myself, "this is just a great county to work for!" Where else do you get motor officers that are on call at a moment's notice to write a ticket to generate some $$$ for the county?

Anonymous said...

This guy has my vote for new Chief of Dekalb

MasterSpatcher said...

APPLAUSE Mr Jackson !!