Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Glancing Over The Headlines Will Scare You To Death, No Pun Intended

No one shows up at the commission meetings to demand more police protection, better pay for our police or demand the commissioners stop reducing our benefits.

Lil' Larry Johnson held his "Enough is Enough" campaign with a meager turnout.

Then we scan the headlines, and we shudder.

Boy, 13, found shot, stabbed to death.

Teen charged in 8-year-old's shooting death.

Be careful troops, there are some nasty predators running the streets.


Anonymous said...

Where are Holmes and Wiz?

Anonymous said...

This isn't news...a couple headlines about dead kids...this has been going on forever and a day here. Is it screwed up? Yes. Here's the thing though...don't go dragging the whole officers vs. BOC into these situations. Bad things happen no matter what. That's why we have emergency services in the first place. There will always be a chance for murders and accidental deaths no matter how many police are on the streets or how well funded they are. I am in no way supporting the BOC and the way they've been screwing us here, but please don't play politics wiht this blogmaster and try to use dead kids as a piece in a political battle.

Anonymous said...

DeKalb County featured on the A&E show "The First 48 Hours." Episode 195.

Anonymous said...

This is 100 percent Public Safety Vs. BOC, this is why. BOC will raise takex to fund their political agendas. This is typical for the Board of Crooks, however there will be no funding for additional police. Police runs a skeleton crew, if the taxpayers will have higher taxes, at least give them what they pay for. Why is there no more manpower than there was 7 years ago when I was hired?? but we have hired how many cops, and put how many academy's through. I will tell you why... there are no benefits to work here and our standards for hiring are so low, criminal histories dont even matter. Shit we should just advertise at DeKalb Jail for qualified bodies who can wear a uniform.

I have not gotten a raise in almost 5 years, and im sure I wont get one in the next 3 years. At least offer a cost of living assessment of 2.5 percent. Give us a reason to stay! This is not just a job its a career, we need to stop hiring just to collect paychecks, and hire those who want to make a difference in the community.

Another reason there are dead bodies all over DeKalb County, because we do absolutely nothing to fight crime!! ZERO!!! but we will enforce traffic violators to assist in the deficit this county is facing.
We are fighing a losing battle. This department wants us to write tickets, I say lets give them what they want, write some shitty tickets, and stop arresting people like they want. Let crime take over, let criminals run the streets, eventually the citizens will bitch enough to the BOC and ask them what are they doing about it. Which will go down to Wiz, he will have no answers, but what will happen we will activate all the fake NET (ticket writers) teams and TRT and show high visibility which will just be smoke in the mirrors, and another ticket writing agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05 . We assume they are minding their own business. Why don't you try it. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

To you 3:30 P M: excuse me sir or mam:you say "they are minding their own business"? silly me..I thought all of the goings on within our dept. ARE THEIR BUSINESS? Boy! Talk about misinformed.. Thank you for clarifying this for so many of us out here who are still continuing :to protect and serve".

Anonymous said...

anon 3:30
Thats a typical thug response "just saying".
You must have just rolled out of bed with one of them!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is because when residents call in to say their area is becoming full of crackheads, streetwalkers, and drug related crimes, the next step is to pull over a Nissan Xterra, unwashed and following the speed limit, using a K-9 unit.

Then the next day, that same Nissan Xterra has to sit behind a Pickup truck taking 2-4 minutes to do a drug deal. K-9 unit is nowhere to be seen.

A year or two later, the house the Nissan Xterra owner's mom stays at goes down from $125,000 to $25,000 because of the street walkers, drugs, and foreclosures. All of this despite $14,000 of external renovations to the property.

Why call the cops when they pull you over for a tail light covered with red transparent tape during a recession, but the drug activity can openly continue?

PS. The taillight is now fixed.

Anonymous said...

@3:01PM, July 8th anon: Right on. I know many an offender are caught during traffic stops, but if the offenders are set up in a near vacant building and selling drugs out of it on foot, how does a traffic stop help?

I have applied to the department in past years and may be applying again. I have run a 3.1 mile race while carrying my water and other stuff, and then walked the 5.6 miles back home from Grant Park because my ride was late. I am concerned, but calling Police who are not Atlanta or City of Decatur has become counter productive due to them writing tickets. Why would I invite a car to come behind me and tail me from my Mom's house, to a 25mph zone where I drive at 20mph because I'm anal retentive. A car that will stop me and ask why the car is in my deceased dad's name or why my taillight is taped up. Hmmm. Maybe I'm saving up for a tail light because the recession just started and my car has less than 60,000 miles because I hardly drive due to tickets. And maybe I don't have the same information you have on whose car is in what name and am not as concerned because I'm applying for jobs as priority #1.

Funny thing is, drug dealers are bat dung stupid and on facebook. They think their code is unique or that an amateur photographer will not be able to guess which apartment they took the picture of with their smartphone, that has a GPS, while the other apartments are raided for the stash. Of that a simple google search will reveal that this flathead gang is a bunch of under achieving idiots.

PS. Call me Nissan Xterra anon.