Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Commission Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

2 separate links have be added to the left hand column so anyone can find the dates, agendas and minutes of each commission meeting.

Stay strong, stay united.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the blogmaster....whomever he or she is

-Anon 1118

Lone Ranger said...

Okay...guess I'll try one more time. The huge majority of people on here complaining about what we've had to sacrifice and how the BOC continues to screw us all are nothing more than a bunch of whining ass police....simply put!!

In the past 20+ yrs that I've been here these meetings have all been held every month at the same time, with the exception of an occasional cancelled meeting, which is very rare.

That being said all of you who are asking for a list of when the meetings are held are as much of the problem as the ones who never say anything. These meetings are at the same time and days every freakin month, and have been for as long as I can remember. ..I'm curious but are you all a bunch of freakin retards that you can't figure out when the meetings are held that you have to have someone hold you GD hand and lead you into battle.... Well I for one am getting so tired of the pansy asses who sit back and complain about what they're not getting or making excuses as to why they're not there. You make arrangements for your child care, you make arrangements to work an extra job, then why don't you plan ahead to attend a freakin meeting.

As far as I'm concerned not a single ass here has a valid reason why he or she can't unite with their fellow officers and go in numbers to the BOC meeting and once we are there we need to have a select few stand up and voice our concerns. I have no problem saying what needs to be said but I be damned if I'm going to stand alone doing it... When we show the BOC that we are all together and we do it in force it's much more difficult for them to stare us down in front of the public and the media.

This crap of having a one man party is never going to work and looks foolish. Think about it how effective do you think it will be to be up there in front of the BOC making the argument for the PD and to look back and see a room full of officers with their spouses and kids supporting you....that my friends is exactly what we need to do...


STOP hiding in the freakin SHADOWS!!

It's time that we step out and let ourselves be seen!!!

Anonymous said...

Then follow your own advice Lone Ranger and take your mask off. Unless officers live in Dekalb (and none do) and can cast a vote for commissioners then the BOC could care less. I think it's time Tonto rolled over and woke you up because you are dreaming.

Anonymous said...

UUUUUUUuuuuuuugggghhhh !!!!!!

Lone Ranger said...

TO Anon 9:10

Hey ass wipe...I have...I've been at the meetings...was at the last one... So stop attacking me and put more effort in fighting the BOC.

It's officer's like yourself who want to attack the few who have been there trying to make a difference.

One other thing butt clown, you don't have to live in the county to attend the meetings and if you show strength in numbers then the public will back us and it's the public that can make a difference at the polls.... just another officer making an excuse. Why don't you do us a favor and stay the hell away. I don't need your negativity.

Oh and I'll be happy to send Tonto over to give you a ride.

Anonymous said...

call the FBI and turn the crooks in
Start with Sutton. She is just plain stupid and will not even realize she is being investigated.
Lone ranger is right. Stop the talk and do something.
I lay bets that no one has the balls do file a complaint. That or you really do not have any facts , but simply find pleasure in demonizing the Adm and BOC.
May feel good to vent but accomplishes nothing.

Anonymous said...

"hi ol Silver, Hi Ol"

Anonymous said...

Lone Ranger,

Nicely put and no one can argue with your statement. Sadly 99% of people will only complain on the blog. Everybody wants the chief or FOP to stand up for them. Well's time to stand up for yourselves. Isn't that what we tell these citizens to do on those bs calls?

The BOC/CEO have us by the balls because we are weak. Our answer is some sorry "ticket strike" they're scared. They'll just take that loss and make you pay for it with higher insurance or something else.

Get off your asses and actually do something!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lone Ranger:

You said, "you don't have to live in the county to attend the meetings and if you show strength in numbers then the public will back us and it's the public that can make a difference at the polls...."

What "public" are you talking about? DeKalb County citizens? Bahahahahahahahaha! Good one! You think they give a shit about us? The only citizens who were smart enough to support us and actually attend the BOC meetings were the ones who were smart enough to realize what a shit hole DeKalb County is and form their own cities to get OUT of DeKalb's corrupt government!

The people that we serve and protect day in and day out are the same people that elected (and continually support) our Board of Crooks and the C-E-Doh! The majority of the citizens of DeKalb LOVE to see us get screwed over! They have the best of both worlds right now because as long as we are getting screwed by the CEO and the BOC, we aren't writing them tickets! WTF?

Maybe we should rethink our strategy here...start a "zero tolerance" policy for traffic violations. Since the BOC isn't giving us raises, maybe we should, as Jeff Rader and Dick Stogner have said, "do our jobs." It won't take long for the citizens of DeKalb to see that us "doing our jobs" to bring money to the County comes at their expense. Just some food for thought...

Brace Beemer (Google it)

Anonymous said...

hahahah you guys are idiots! Turn Barnes-Sutton in for what? Being stupid is not a a state offense or a federal offense so what would you suggest she get turned in for? Do you know something the rest of DeKalb does not?

And yes I have been at the meetings and have seen the BOC in action or not in action as the case may be but I have not seen any police there that aren't working or have to be there. Where are all you big talkers?

Anonymous said...

I don't regularly attend the BOC Meetings but I've been there to show when the call went out for something important..... Personally, I don't think my presence or the other 5-15 made a difference.

The commissioners don't care to even take the time to notice or listen..... the majority of them are writing or reading something when people address the Board .......I'm surprised that we haven't seen them take or make a cell phone call.......

Hate to be a downer but, they're gonna do what they want. I've stayed for the old pension.... if they change that, I done at my fast approaching ten year anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with many of the posts, Anon10 nailed it perfectly that it is not a crime to be stupid as in the case of Commissioner Sutton-Barnes. But it should as she is one of eight elected leaders of DeKalb government.
It should also be a crime to have allowed our education system degenerate to a level that produces educated morons to elect elitist morons not just at the local level but in the federal arena as well. It is no accident both DeKalb government and the Feds have degraded credit ratings because they both spend worse than drunken sailors.
The citizen's of DeKalb elect and re-elect such winners as Sidney Dorsey, Vernon Jones and Cynthia McKinney time after time expecting lots of free stuff from the government.
Unfortunately the time has come that 49 percent of the citizens pay zero income tax and receive benefits while the 51 percent pay for it all which is clearly an untenable position for the middle class with declining wages as seen with rank 'n file DeKalb employees.
What the frack ever happened to the idea of citizens paying their fair share?
If there are that many poverty stricken American citizens that pay no income taxes there should be starving families dying every day in our streets and neighborhoods. When was the last time the media reported anyone in America starving unless they were lost in the wilderness or sea.
Instead we find poverty obesity, where poor people are so overweight they require government provided electric wheel-chairs to transport themselves, most own a cell phone, most have central-air and heat, a dishwasher, 2 cars, flat-screen TV's, Internet and all the rest.
Many of those living in poverty have learned to game the tax system by not reporting earned income. There is a lot of individual fraud to the federal government from earned income credit to Medicade expenses that rip off the 51 percent of the citizens paying the bills and almost nothing is being done about it because of political expediency and the media censorship of anything that stereo-types anyone but conservatives under the guise of media "political-correctness".
DeKalb government is fracked up with a huge 26 percent increase in property taxes. Our Federal government is in even worse shape because they do not have to balance the budget. Locally and nationally our political leaders are proving themselves unqualified and the media and DeKalb citizen's gives them a free ride because of their political ideology.
Sorry for going off topic, and ranting a little. It's nothing personal, but I do love America and DeKalb county, and I hate to see both deteriorate.
Best of luck guys!

Anonymous said...

Open enrollment is coming up very soon, anyone heard anything about the medical insurances? Was wondering.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:47PM,

Maybe they did know something about Barnes-Sutton that you didn't know. Did you happen to check out the latest news story channel 2 did on her that is conveniently viewable right here on this blog? Maybe you should take back your "idiots" comment. You could have just asked if they know something you don't know without calling them "idiots."

Anonymous said...

Something gonna happen I mean come on Mark Winne doing his job and now with that interview with FBI about the new Unit. Bet someone is gonna resign in the comming days. Think about it, With all that money the commissioners been playing with and the CEO. FBI may be cracking down on us in Law Enforcement but their our brothers. They are looking out for us at the same time, they see it happening and our own DA just turns the head and does nothing. And to mention that there is ongoing High Profile cases too. Somebody is about to go down. Perps always mess up they will eventually get caught. And for once I hope its a politician.

Anonymous said...

You can also view past BOC meetings on the county's "Video on Demand" (VOD) site:

Or, watch a live broadcast on the "live streaming" service at: