Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cronyism, Nepotism, Take Your Pick, Either Are Corrupt

Odds on, our District Attorney turns his head. More odds that our esteemed commission turn their head too.

How can they leave this despicable person on any committee, much less the public safety committee? She should be stripped of all committees. If need be, the governor needs to step in.

How can we, the police department, who swore an oath to uphold the laws, hold our heads up high when we work for such a corrupt commission?

This is out of control!


Anonymous said...

Come on!! License or no license, this does not pass the smell test. Bogus addresses, bogus companies, and oh yeah, BOGUS COMMISSIONER. Saw on WSBTV that the Atl-FBI is expanding their Public Corruption Unit.

Time for the FBI to pick some low hanging fruit.

Anonymous said...

GEE, I wonder what's behind all of this? Think perhaps kickbacks for friends who never consulted a day in their life? I'm sure she received 50% back in her own pocket. It won't be hard to trace if someone will take the initiative. Typical Dekalb crooks.

Anonymous said...

The Governor's Phone Number is 404-656-1776.

And DeKalb District Attorney Sir Robert James, What a piece of work ? I guess he's busy with his phone give away program = got to pander you know !

I am begining to believe that things in DeKalb are hopeless. Richard Stogner should be no where in government. This Jay Cunningham on the School Board says it all for DeKalb's Voters ?

Then you'r and my fav Lil' Larry and his bunch ! ( the whole bunch - every one ). Combine this with Burrell and it does appear " that in the land of the blind, the one-eved man is King "

And " the bad check queen " Give Me A Break = An Absolute Insult To Every Hard Working DeKalb Employee ! Unbelieveable ?

Anonymous said...

Anyone assigned to narcotics or on any fed task force knows this is standard set up to launder money.
"consulting firm", false or misleading addresses on LLC's which are names in family members names....mail forwarding services listed like the UPS store.
Would love to see the bank accts and tax returns on all these consulting firms.

I have a feeling the FBI's public corruption slow as they are....have taken notice of the Dekalb BOC.

This is yet another reason to jump ship now. If a city council member in Alpharetta or Dunwoody did this crap citizens would take notice and recall them or they would be investigated by police.
In Dekalb most of the voters are brain dead, dont care, dont even know who their commissioner is, they just want their govt check.

Anonymous said...

This is DeKalb way of government for the last decade. It will only end when people vote on qualifications and not on color.

Anonymous said...

Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!, corruption !!! where is the outrage? What the hell is wrong with the Dekalb County District Attorney's Office? There should be a investigation and a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to audit and investigate this public official! If there is criminal behavior then a special grand jury should be assembled and let the indictments flY!!!!! Let some entry level police officer violate his oath of office and see how fast they slam him.......If the Dekalb District Attorney's office won't do this then the State Attorney General's office need to step in! This is an embarrassment to any public official!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is Director Miller in all this fraud. He should be investigating this taxpayer fraud.

Our CEO should be explaining how this happen during his term in office.

Wait this is the new DeKalb -where corruption is the standard of operation.

Anonymous said...

Why waste your time commenting, nothing will ever be investigated on this matter.

This county is GOING DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Warren Mosby owns two "companies." One received $35,000, the other $21,000. I'm willing to bet my pay raise this year and last year that both companies have one employee named Warren Mosby. Why would he need two different company names for just himself?

Don't all of the commissioners have to approve all purchases and contracts over $50,000? Didn't Vernon try to get around this by repeatedly paying companies just under $50,000? So is that why one guy would submit an invoice with one company name on it one day, then submit another invoice later with another company name on it?

I mowed your front yard and your back yard. Make the check for your front yard out to Cooter's Lawn Service. Make the check for your back yard out to Cletus Lawn Care and Associates Inc.

Something stinks about this!

Anonymous said...

Consult what?

I can only imagine what it was for the county.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to know where this county has wasteful spending.

Just look at the current expenses of all county commissioners.

We are a sinking ship with the current administration.

Everyone has a TAKE HOME CAR and we will never know the real reason why for this waste of money.

I guess everyone needs a free ride to work when it cost me over 200 dollars a month to come to work. These employees are not FIRST RESPONDERS and we keep on spending the money.
The end is soon.

Anonymous said...

Consultation of the nearest "all you can eat" that accepts a county credit card.

Anonymous said...

After all, she is a economics teacher in DeKalb. I guess she titles a class room topic, "How to scam the man".

But wait, we be the man sho nuff. I gots mine.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:31....that smell you are smelling is ass....big ass smell.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good case for the Fraud Unit. Well guys, how about it? Hmmm I wonder how fast that would get squashed.

Anonymous said...

Several of the Commissioners are using tax payers funds to do whatever they want. Something is
not right. She must have something
on the other Commissioners to let this occur without comment.
Show me what they got paid to do.
And how come the AJC did not do a followup story on this.Is that why
Megan is no longer around? Do Dekalb residents need to boycott the AJC?
These picture taking Commissioners
are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I did a search on Mosby and HSI and here is the relevant link:

Mosby is tight with a LOT of DeKalb politico's, DeKalb commissioner Barnes-Sutton campaign manager, DeKalb DA Robert James current campaign manager, DeKalb BOE Dr. Gene Walkers campaign manager.
Does anyone see a pattern to all this? I could care less about Mosby's business license. Mosby will probably have a DeKalb business license by the end of the day, it only costs 250 dollars.
Political consulting contracts are a racket used to reward political supporters and friends, the fact that Mosby is DA Robert James current campaign manager explains the DA's disinterest in Commissioner Barnes-Sutton antics and should raise the alarm in the FBI government corruption unit.
This is not difficult stuff here. It does not take a rocket scientist or a genius to figure out something stinks in DeKalb government.
DeKalb government is in the big leagues. 600 million dollar budgets and questionable politicians shoving contracts to their campaign managers business's and friends such as CEO Ellis canceling the counties ambulance contract and awarding it to a company that retains Ellis's campaign manager as a consultant reeks of corruption or ethics violations that now seems business as usual with DeKalb government.
If the FBI was to perform a simple investigation on DeKalb government contract practices no doubt they would find dirt.
I did a search on FBI anti-corruption and the results were negative. The FBI does have an anti-corruption/civil-division, located in Birmingham, AL. With the present political climate in DC and Eric Holder as the federal AG does anyone expect the DOJ or FBI to investigate a minority dominated local government for obvious corruption?
DeKalb citizens elected the current federal and local administration. Hope and change was the campaign slogan, in hindsight there is little hope for DeKalb county when the citizens keep electing politicians of questionable ethics and the change has all been for the worse.
The FBI is not going to do Jack-Squat to investigate DeKalb government. It doesn't fit the narritive of good minority/Democrat dominated government.

Best of luck mates!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:00 am, I know the fraud unit, at least in the past, has investigated people within the county and the police department. Well, the investigations never went anywhere. An outside agency has to do the investigations for any results.

Anonymous said...

Watch it Richard. You might be the next one to be yanked. Love ya Megan - hope you're hanging in there.

Anonymous said...

Lets get several good addresses
and email for Eric Holder, FBI
and the Governor. Post and
ask people to write a 44cent
stamp might do wonders.
It is so pitiful that a young
father was caught stealing,clothes
and school supplies from Family Dollar.
I wouldn't care if our tax dollars
was given to kids starting school.
As opposed to Suttons slush fund.
How come our presiding officer has not officiated this one. CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT SHE WAS USING CUNSULTANTS FOR?

Anonymous said...

The governor can't do too much complaining because he (and his predecessor) have some chit in the closet regarding nepotism and corruption. He quit congress to avoid an investigation and check where his son-in-law and daughter now works. These two decared bankruptcy during his campaign.

Quite please...............

Anonymous said...

Haven't you all heard the saying "To the victors go the spoils" ? The present leaders (in name only) of DKC Government and the school system won. It was democracy at work. The representatives of the majority of the voters, aided by the liberal Commissioners Gannon and Rader, are giving the voters exactly what they want.

In a democracy some are winners and some are powerless losers, like North DeKalb taxpayers and the fine officers of the DKPD. DKC is a microcosm of what some want the entire country to be like. Redistribute the wealth. So, it is either suck it up or move on.

Anonymous said...

Mosby seems to be in pretty tight with the DA. His Linked-In page has:

DeKalb County Solicitor-General
Management Consulting industry
2007 – November 2010 (3 years)

Didn't the DA move from the Solicitor General to his present position in 2009 or 2010 when the last aggressive DA Gwen Keyes was moved out?

I wonder what Mosby got paid in that job. Or maybe the position was just a money transfer deposit box.

Anonymous said...

Someone should contact Channel 2 News or one of the other news outlets and let their investigative units do all the digging around and then put this on the news for all to hear. Maybe then the FBI would do something about the corrupt officials in Dekalb County.

Anonymous said...

There are some unanswered questions I have from that news report, such as:

What was the purpose of the consulting?

Another noteworthy bit of info is this: I remember reading a press release congratulating Ms.Brownlee in her new post with commissioner Sutton in the county email (you know, the position that had been eliminated prior to her appointment but she still got appointed to).

In the email, in order to put that nice political BS fluff to it, it stated that Ms. Brownlee was appointed to the position for $4000.00 less that the previous person that held that job. According to the news clip, Ms. Brownlee's "company" got paid $3700.00 for "consulting" fees, and on top of that, she doesn't even have a DeKalb business license. I guess those consulting fees almost made that $4000.00 dollars in employee payroll cost savings a wash ($300.00 short for you math wizards out there).

Hope more chatter keeps occurring with the ticket "strike" so we can have the Wiz come into roll call and bring a poster on their plan to get us back a measly 20 hours in holiday pay and how we have a job to do and how we are held to a higher standard and all that other noise they always tell us.

It seems that WE are the only ones in DeKalb held to a higher standard, and for that, we keep taking financial hits to our pockets, have crappy equipment and less safety due to the high number of officers that keep on leaving this department .

I know you are reading so I will say this:
The higher ups here are politicians in training. Do me a favor and keep your BS campaigns outta my roll call.

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

Warren Moseby has 2 siblings in Government. State Representative Howard Moseby is the leader of the DeKalb House delegation in the General Assembly and has a high dollar, do nothing position at....Grady. His sister is an Atlanta City Councilwoman.

Scammin' the Man.

Anonymous said...

HELLO, sutton and mosby are an item and have been for a long time. sutton does not have the brains to run a seat in government but, mosby does.

Anonymous said...

You never think the corruption can bring the county down further but this just takes the cake. Do you really think "Director Miller" gives a rat ass? He came from the DA's office and the one common denominator I see between him, Sutton and the DA is what people? Call it what it is.....FBI or is needed now!

Anonymous said...

The GBI has a unit that deals only in goverment corruption. Why would you want our people to handle it? It would get buried. The GBI will be notified and they work faster than the FBI. By the way folks leave Chief O.B. out of this before you idiots start blaming him for not investigating.

Anonymous said...

Consulting contracts are nothing but political favors that politicians issue out as thank yous once elected. Ditto for various positions in government. That has been going on for ages but to see this much waste, abuse and fraud--that is ridiculous. Many jurisdictions are conducting business license sweeps to ensure that everyone has a license to operate and most importantly, paying the appropriate share of taxes. I wonder if Dekalb has done one of these lately. I remember that Atlanta was being encouraged by their police union to conduct one to ensure the city was getting its share of revenue coming in.

In regards to news reporting, The Champion and On Common Ground have no stomach for real reporting. They seem to have the now defunct attitude of hard reporting, only cover those who no one likes. I was expecting to do step up to the plate but they are more less a glorified version of the Neighbor Newspapers chain. The AJC could careless as they are more focus on getting in good in North Fulton, Cobb and Gwinnett now. Honorable mention to Buckhead and parts of Midtown. Dekalb needs a good newspaper that has no problems exposing the truth not just covering fluff such as cookouts and picnics.

Anonymous said...

Barnes-Sutton and Mosby are a couple...FYI. He ran her inital campaign when Burrell left the seat.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago with the KPMG Audit Report on DeKalb Office of Contracts and Procurements remember Richard Stogner was in charge. At every opportunity he violated Proper Procedures and gave any Clown that walked in money.

Remember when Jeff ( Goofy )Rader got a petition and a few other BOC members signed it to take to a Judge, concerning " big Ricky's " art of the deal ?

And then Burrell's baby boy he made COO starts turnin out all of DeKalb's FaceBook Ho's, evidently the entire nine months he screwed here - he sure did not work - And then Burrell gives this " whore hopper " a $ 100 Thousand Dollar going away gift !

And Then, And Then' Hocus pokus ala ka zam, Richard Stogner is our working for free COO ! Are The Feds Here Yet Or What ?

I guess Richard reminded ole Jeff and a few others about all the notes ( sht ) he had on them - you think ? Green Space Park Bond Money is a start ? and the list goes on . . . .

Anonymous said...

The Board of Crooks voted to allow the Chief Embezzlement Officer to hire a loan underwriter without going through a bidding process for the Tax Anticipation Notes of $150 million.

Who does Ellis know at Raymond James and Associates? They could get up to $100,000 for this service.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago you guys could not wait on Ellis and Chief O B commission chair and chief of police. They were suppose to be the best thing since ice cream. was suppose to end all the bitching and complaining by you guys. What happened? You are getting screwed by one, while the other one stands around and watches the pipe get shoved up the rest of you. What I don't understand, these are the folks that you where talking so highly about two years ago on this blog.

Anonymous said...

She offered the job to her friend before it was cut form the budget, so the friend still got to take the job?

Does anyone think this might help the people who just got promoted to Sgt and got screwed out of their full 10% raises? They all took the test before the raises were cut. In fact, it wasn't until about a week before they started promoting people that they let us all know about the raise cut!

If Sutton can give her friends non-existent jobs, why can't our Sgt's get the raises they were promised?