Friday, August 12, 2011

Warren Mosbey Is Our District Attorney's Campaign Manager Too

Thanks to LoFlyer, we learn that Warren Mosbey and District Attorney Robert James are in on the fix.

This county is toast. It has evolved to third world politics beginning with the assassination of Derwin Brown. What else lays under the carpet?

How can our command staff look at us with a straight face and tell us "if you'll write more tickets. we'll get your 20 hours back."

Step up to the plate Wiz Miller and Bill O'Brien. Announce to the media that you have opened a criminal investigation of Sutton. Dare D.A. James to turn you away.

It is your job. You took an oath just like the rest of us.

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I'm Ron Burgundy? said...

Sweet Lincoln's Mullet!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "WOW".....The hit keepn coming.... Im waiting for one more check to clear and I am completely clean of the shit that was on me from this county....The grass in greener,grows much faster and I could not be happier on the other side... "M gone and happy"

Anonymous said...

There are some investigations that your local police department is not cut out for...this is one of them. Local police departments don't touch investigations involving ELECTED OFFICIALS.

Ordinarily the DA's office would launch an investigation and convene a special grand jury. Look to Gwinnett as an example, they just went through a similar type deal. If the DA is somehow involved then I'm guessing the State Attorney General would get involved.

No need to attack the chief or director on this one.

Humpy the Really Famous Porn Star said...

Ken, I hate say it but I think you are right. This place along with our current federal administration are bringing us down. Until we can elect new blood with honesty and integrity, and feel that liberty and freedom is what we need more of, nothing will get fixed.

Anonymous said...

We are a third world county. We are not far removed from the likes of Haiti, Liberia and the list could go on and on. This is politics at its worst. Is there not a conflict here somewhere? They will not even let us work questionable extra jobs because of what it will look like to the public? What does this look like to all of you? Hell a strip joint is on the up and up, the BOC is dirty. Enough said. Citizens you vote you hold the cards. We are nothing more than slaves.

Anonymous said...


Cheyenne Summer said...

Thanks, Ken, for keeping us informed. With each passing day our eyes are opened much wider and the embarrassment and shame of saying we live in DeKalb County escalates to a higher level.To our officers: please don't give up..each and everyone of you are appreciated more than you will ever know. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

We are beginning to see what a corrupt political government looks like from start to ( if we live that long) end.

Anonymous said...

Who and the hell is not surprise by what takes place in DeKalb County Government?

Since Vernon was elected this county is going down the drain. I know why I think it's happening.

I wish someone would be politically correct and tell us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks DKPD SWAT Team for keeping us safe. Hard training pays off. A true professional organization.

LoFlyer said...

Ron I appreciate your humor, stay in the game!

It only took me several key-strokes and 10 seconds to develop the evidence that connects Mosby to DeKalb DA James.
I find it astounding that professional journalists failed to discover this easily found trivia of DeKalb government. After thinking about it, it occured to me that they might have used a different Internet search engine such as Google. I tried the same search on Google and came up with the same link.
This brings to mind a simple question, is the local Atlanta news media that incompetent or are they following a political agenda that censors vital news important to DeKalb county citizens?
I saw a story last year on AJC online detailing the cost to DeKalb government for the Jones/Stognar/Bell debacle that cost the county at least 4.5 million in legal costs and fines, officially and legally defined DeKalb government as "Creating a hostile work environment for employees". The story appeared on Friday evening and by Saturday morning at 0800 the story had been removed. As it was the weekend and a slow news day there was no reason to reason to remove the story except for politics.
The AJC is now a mere shadow of itself due to the recession and inability to accurately disimenate information to the consumer.
Note to local journalists. If you won't do your job, we will concerning DeKalb government.

Best of luck mates!

Anonymous said...

LoFlyer or KenC,

Your race baiting comments ruin your good intent to discuss the corruption.

Commissioner Rader is just as bad as Commissioner Sutton. He is steering more and more contracts to his employer, Jacobs Engineering, even though he chairs the BOC infrastructure committee. According to the Organizational Act, this is a clear and concise conflict of interest. He has all of the inside, sensitive information to get Jacobs the contracts and steal from DeKalb taxpayers.

The BOC, CEO, Stogner and Rhinehart do not tell on each other because they are all corrupt and have evidence on each other.

There are a lot of black and/or minority residents and businesses with integrity who are more disgusted than you are.

We all need to call the FBI’s corruption hotline at 877-428-5324.

We all need to get better candidates and make wiser decisions at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Investigate Sutton
Richard Belcher is doing all the leg work for us

LoFlyer said...

I took my search a little deeper into Warran Mosby's friends on face book. The results should be deeply disturbing to DeKalb county citizens. The link is:

Burke Brennon, Dekalb county CIO,
Larry Johnson, DeKalb county commissioner,
Lee May, Dekalb county commissioner,
DeKalb house delegation,
Eldrin Bell,
Jocelyn Dorsey, WSB TV,
Julian Bond,
Lithonia chamber of commerce,
Mayor Evelyn Wynn Dixon, Riverdale, GA,
Representative Billy Mitchell,
Roy Barnes, former Georgia state governor,
Sheriff Thomas Brown, DeKalb county, GA,
Stan Watson, DeKalb county commissioner.

With names like this as Mosby's face-book "friends" any investigation into Mosby's activities is doomed to failure.

This truly sux mates!

LoFlyer said...

Anon 9:46, I would love to engage you in discussion of "race-baiting" as you describe me, but I am heading to the hills again tomorrow, when you are retired you can do just about anything you want if you stay legal.
One thing I have noticed in DeKalb government is that racial politics determine just about everything that happens in DeKalb.
No one wants to talk about it but my personal observation is DeKalb politics are afro-centric.
My EEO-4 summary and base employment records prove conclusively DeKalb government is institutionally biased in favor of African-Americans. The link is:

I have been extremely careful recently to avoid the words "Democrat party" or "minority dominated government" because the news media is dominated by liberal editors that would rather see their business fail(AJC) than admit to the reality of the situation and report all the facts instead of repeating liberal dogma.
In my recent post I used the words "minority/Democrat dominated local government" because it was concise and accurate. I am truly sorry that you find these words offensive or "race-baiting" but they are accurate.
I will continue to refrain from using concise and accurate descriptions of DeKalb county government in the future as it offends a lot of citizens including yourself.

Catch y'all on the flip side!
Best of luck mates!

Anonymous said...

Well now you never hear Larry Johnson ask if they are a minority contractor anymore when awarding contracts. Looks like change has come will soon fall too.

Anonymous said...

Lo Flyer you have squat. Where is the crime?
Call the FBI and stop being a fear monger. Easy to stir the pot when you took the early retirement and your full bennies.
M gone do us all a favor and eat that green grass but get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Boyer
I spoke with someone in the govenors office today and they said an investigation into this transaction between Sutton and Mosley can not be initiated by them unless first asked to do so by;
A) The D.A's office. not gonna happen
B) The Chief of police. not gonna happen.
But you can, because you are on the BOC and can ask.
We the citizens and the employees of this once great county ask you to please do this for the tax payers and start the tumbling of this house of fraud, so that we can all heal and get back to what is needed in this community.
If you doubt I called, do it yourself and see what you get.l The GBI will not investigate.
A long time COP

Anonymous said...

Chief O'Brien can't initiate an investigation into anyone well connected in this county because of Wiz Miller, because Wiz has already covered up corruption in this county. It's not a well kept secret! It's a fact! I dare him or anyone else to challenge me on it! I'd love for them to mess with me over it! I'd like to retire early and rich!

Anonymous said...

The investigation will happen now that it has been publicized. The ones that failed to act on this information will be ousted as well. It happens time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30PM, I hope you're right, and I hope the corruption Wiz Miller already covered up comes to light! It's been over a year now! I think it's about time!

Anonymous said...

To August 15, 2011 7:04 PM. MMMooooooo,,,, this grass "tate" good. Got that raise from my new job.... What you get??? HHhaaaaa. No, no ley me stop and get over myself....

"M gone and happy"