Sunday, August 14, 2011

Warren Mosbey's Facebook Page

We requested to be Warren Mosbey's Facebook friend here.

Maybe you should too.


Anonymous said...

What a fu%&ing bunch of crooks and a joke DeKalb County has become..... Look at the cows eating the green, green, green grass over here.. O yeah, got a raise at my new job today... Not a reduction in pay, not an increase in my pension contributions or an increase in my medical contributions with a shitty company that has higher co-pays and less services, no furloughs, but a raise…..Go figure that.. Times are tough all over and my new department gave everyone a raise.. For all of you who are still there (At DeKalb) and really don’t want to be, I’m sorry for you, but be strong and I hope you can survive through it all. "M gone and happy".

Anonymous said...

Who in his/her right mind gives a shit about what WARREN MOSBEY says or does? He is a personal cronie of Burrell Ellis (in which case another bullshit artist or liar or both) and whatever he says means nothing to the average taxpayer of the screwed up county and its crooked policitians.

So let WARREN MOSBEY flap his lips with all that hot air and no one with any brains will listen to what he says.........End of subject!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course no one listens to him, and he does't care so long as the tax payers checks still cash and he can float some back to them as payoff. It is all about the money and how quickly it can be transferred from the taxpayers to chosen private individuals.

Anonymous said...

Who approves these expenses that Commissioner Sutton paid to these people?

Was there any kick back to her?

Everyone thinks she made money off these deals.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Barnes Sutton ....plain and simple, is a liar.

Anonymous said...

When not one of the Commissioners
question Suttons consultants
expense( what they did for the
money) it is clear to a blind man
that she has something on each one
of them.When Ellis was Presiding
Officer he questioned all Vernons
questionable expenses. Lil Larry
Presiding Officer its your turn.