Saturday, September 3, 2011

DeKalb District Attorney Intiminated by Thugs, Drops Charges

It seems our D.A. is easily intimidated by our resident thugs. During a recent court hearing, the defense attorney for a shooting thug, requested the names of the witnesses. In fear, the D.A. abruptly dropped the charges.

The insane reasoning is, the witnesses may become a victim of retaliation by the shooter. So rather than chance that, he let the shooter free to prey on other victims.

Sure, relation is more of problem now than in the past. Mainly because our courts refuse to hand out harsh punishment to those seeking retaliation.

Thanks to our District Attorney, our streets have become even more lawless.

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Anonymous said...

since when is witness information required at a probable cause hearing?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like typical Magistrate court allow the probable cause hearing go well outside the scope of the hearings. They are only supposed to hear enough evidence to determine that there was probable cause to issue the warrant, not allow the defense to learn everything about the case before the actual trial. I understand the DA's concern for the victims. The will present the case to the grand jury.

Anonymous said...

District Attorney Robert James is perhaps the Most Disconnected Fool in this County.

But oh no. The Fulton County Daily Report says lit'l bobby is a "Person on the Rise". What freakin planet are they own?

Just another example of the crap elected to office in DeKalb.

The actions of a fool should surprise no one.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb doesnt have the money to spend on witness protection so this has become the norm.
The career criminals know the system is weak and those with cash to hire a real attorney know the chances are always pretty good for a nice plea.

Chicago and Houston had problems with witnesses intimidation and witnesses being killed so they funded full time witness protection.
Houston has 20 DA's investigators that do nothing but move witnesses, investigate intimidation, and drop the hammer on defendants who engage in it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogmaster, Your statement is not entirely accurate. I was in court with that detective when he told the ADA that he was not comfortable giving the names of his witnesses to the defense. The suspect had a row full of thugs in the back listening to testimony and if those two names would have gotten out then the case never would have went to trial because the two witnesses would have been dead. I give credit to the detective and to the ADA who had the foresight to drop the charge early and just get it indicted.

Anonymous said...

Blog master you sir are a joke. You are trying to make a story of something that is not a story. The shooter did not go free and is being held for violating his probation. The perp will be indicted on Tuesday and then he will be in real court (Superior) not Magistrate. The Gwinnett D.A. said he would have resisted giving the names at a preliminary hearing too. The A.D.A. made the call because the perp was staying in jail anyway. As to the retaliation being more of a problem, if you would read the article they listed a case in the article and I personally know of several more including one of my cases in which the perp is currently serving 30 years thanks to the hard work of our District Attorney's Office.

Anonymous said...

I think you're directing your rage at the wrong person here, blogmaster, and you're missing the bigger picture.

This was a probable cause hearing, not a trial. The defense was requesting information it was not entitled to have at this point in the game. The D.A.'s office did not want to hand over the names of witnesses because the defense is not entitled to have that info at this point, and more importantly, the D.A's office wants those witnesses to be alive when it comes to trial so they can testify against this thug!

The case is not over at this point. This thug is already on probation and he violated it, so he isn't getting out of jail. He also has other cases pending against him. He isn't going anywhere. The D.A.'s office actually made a very smart move here by dismissing their charges against him. Since the thug isn't going anywhere, the D.A. will now bring the case before a Grand Jury and seek an indictment. That will allow the D.A. to still prosecute him for these charges and keep the witnesses safe until trial.

This isn't a failing of our D.A.'s office, it's a failing of our stupid, lenient judges! The D.A.'s office should be commended for protecting witnesses and not giving in to a dumbass judge!

Anonymous said...

Just because the current DA ran for the office of DA doesn't mean that he is intelligent. He could have taken criminal lessons from Sharon Barnes Sutton, Vernon Jones, Former Sheriff Sidney Dorsey, and many others to name some examples.

It is amazing that some people like our DA can even pass the Bar Exam and still go on to public office.

Actually, the old phrase is that "when finding a job in the private sector is a failure, one runs for public office" gets elected and is set for life with a big fat pension.

Ain't life grand in good ole DEKALB COUNTY?. What else could a person want? High taxes, low complement of public safety officers, a do nothing public works department, lousy streets and highways, a bunch of idiots for commissioneers, and a CEO who doesn't know up from down, and a DA who cannot make up his mind who he wants to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to be disgusted, see if you can get this turd's juvenile record. This perp has been a terror to South Precinct since he was around 15.

Anonymous said...

The mag. ct. hearings are a joke. A wasted time of officers and detectives time.

Anonymous said...

You have to love the Juvenile Point System in Dekalb. It determines how more crimes they can commit before they serve any time. Everyone a repeat offender in DeKalb.

Anonymous said...

I give James credit, he is playing strategy here. Unlike Paul Howard in Fulton, he is not seeking camera time or trying to negotiate with thugs and criminals who have been in the courtrooms 100's of times previously. If the DA would gave those names, then DKPD probably would be investigating two homicides right now and then complaining why more wasn't done to protect the witnesses. The real message that was sent here was, we're are actually trying to finally prosecute real crime here in Dekalb. If those names would have been given, good luck to finding anymore witnesses in Dekalb. The mantra of "I don't know shit, I aint seen shit." would have been your responses when asking people what happened.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05

Hey dummy.....the juvenile point system is like this in the whole state of GA. It's not just a "Dekalb" thing. If you don't like it, call your legislator. They are the idiots that make up these stupid ass laws.

Anonymous said...

The posts at 6:11, 7:48, 10:17, and 10:46 are all correct. Mr. Blogmaster, you are a boob!

Robert James was not there and did not make this decision. The CREDIT for this very WISE decision goes to the Detective and ADA in the court room. The the issue here was with the Mag Court Judge, Mr. James had nothing to do with it!

A Magistrate Court Judge overstepped the bounds by trying to make them furnish the names of witnesses. If the ADA would have refused, the Judge would have found insufficient probable cause anyway.

A big headed Mag Court Judge got punked, the perp is still in jail and not going anywhere, and the witnesses are safe. You couldn't ask for a better outcome!


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