Sunday, September 4, 2011

Judge Ann Workman Dies

Long time DeKalb County judge dies. Click here to read further.


Anonymous said...

So much praise is heaped on her but where does it mention that she let that piece of crap go from a drug charge that would have put him behind bars, where he deserved to be, and allowed him to be on proabation. In turn, he was able to be on the street when he killed Barker and Bryant. That's kind of a big mistake, at least if you are Barker, Bryant, or a police officer, but I guess we don't least not in Dekalb County!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, judge.
Judge Workman was a complex individual. The employees were all scared witless of her, as she was very unpleasant when employees screwed up, and her power absolute. I made damn sure that my service to her was flawless, and had no problems with her on a personal or professional basis.
Professionally she was the hardest working judge in the DeKalb circuit. Her caseload completed was double the other judges.
She let her loyalty for a good employee get the best of her with Derrick Yancey and his subsequent escape from home arrest after murdering his wife and a yardman, that incident was never thoroughly investigated as heads should of rolled, including the judge.
Love her or hate her, Judge Workman made her mark in DeKalb government and those that worked with her will never forget her unpleasant professionalism and tremendous work ethic.
I suspect the judge was a very lonely person and hope she has found peace, tranquility and companionship in her passing.
Best of luck, guys!

Anonymous said...

Instead of sending someone to prison for his third felony conviction in two years, like would have happened anywhere else in the country, she gave him probation. He went on a few months later to commit a burglary, then a few weeks later to kill two DeKalb police officers, Barker and Bryant. Then she was lenient with a double murder suspect, just because he used to work in her courtroom. Yancey fled to central America and had to be tracked down with the help of America's Most Wanted. She had very poor judgment for a judge.