Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Commissioners Raise Health Insurance Premiums

Instead of making logical cuts in the budget and eliminating needless positions throughout the county (DeKalb County has 6000 employees, the most of any county in Georgia), the commissioners have chosen to raise our health insurance rates.

Over the past 12 months, the commissioners seem to be on a deliberate mission to transform employees, including the police department, to nothing more than the equivalent to day laborers and sheep.

In 2013, they will make a move to completely cut retirees health insurance altogether.

Sadly, it appears the commissioners have won. One area where the budget has been increased, is for the purchase of more Kool-Aide

So much for dedication.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a website/link for retirees to access all the options and information? Not all retirees live near to Dekalb and need this information too.

Anonymous said...

Geez you guys might as well write of working for Dekalb as a charitable contribution at this point. My agency just decreased our insurance costs and some of my friends in other agencies have all of their insurance premiums payed for them as recruitment incentive. You guys are going in the wrong direction. Good luck and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I say we totally disband Dekalb 911 and outsource all of it to Chatcomm 911. They could do a better job at half the budget Dekalb currently spend on 911.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb County won't make the necessary cuts in government. They choose to take the easy route.Dekalb County already has the worst reputation in the area as a place to work. With the NEGATIVE the insurance and penson moves, the BOC has permanently limited the possibility of attracting quality people to do police work.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb County has gone to hell and that is putting very simple.

Yesterday, I saw a good example of county taxpayer dollars wasting.
A DC Public Works crew with a backloader, three dump trucks, and approximated 10 men, parked themselves on a street and stayed there for about two hours doing nothing.

Today, that same crew is now cutting up a thirty foot section of sidewalk because it has crumbled and cracked over the last 30 years. This sidewalk was reported to Public Works about 5 years ago, and now they are just getting around to fixing it. The driveway is also a mess, but the county isn't going to touch it at all.

This sidewalk would have been corrected at the very least 4-1/2 years ago by a private contractor if the county done away with Public Works.

The same applies to many department within the county.

Dekalb County is nothing more than an open pit for wasteful spending.

The benefits for the employees is a big joke and getting worse daily.
Soon, the employees are going to pay for the joke (not a privledge) of working here and the county will laughing all the way to bank.

Anonymous said...

Cut the fat in the commission office and we don't need sanitation either. Privatize sanitation. Did you ever hear of Waste Management? It's a company that North Fulton residents us to collect their trash. There ar other private trash removal companies too.Our BOC just is not very smart or efficient.

Lone Ranger said...

Boy ...have the chickens come home to roost...don't say I didn't tell you all so, but I do believe you heard it first from me....

Yours Truly,
The Lone Ranger

Anonymous said...

The only people who have any idea of what you say is happening are
the ones who read or write on the blog, And it is not many. The media does not think your
complaints are meaningful. And apparently you can not muster up
any nerve to go public with your
complaintants.What harm would it
be to go to a BOC Meeting?
Otherwise stop complaining.
Send your wife to the meeting.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the commissioners are talking about getting rid of the retiree benefits completely. With only so much money to spend on health care, they are trying to put more towards us active employees. I just don't know how they can add more cost to the retirees in good conscience after they've already took their service for 30 years and now want to change the formula for them.