Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pension Attacked

By now, everyone has figured out that the commissioners have attacked our pension. While we were focused on losing our paid holiday (Labor Day), the commission in a preconceived secret plan, attacked our pension, and at the same time, furloughed us.

The commissioners lied, saying if we worked on Labor Day, we simply would lose a banked holiday, not pay. They reduced our gross income by approximately a days pay. To make up for the reduction, in hopes we wouldn't notice the loss of pay, the commission chose to reduce our pension contribution by approximately 8.5% to balance out our net income.

Trying to keep this simple as possible, the county's legally required pension contribution of 17%, was also reduced. The county saved just over 8 hundred thousand dollars.

What does this mean to us is? It means the pension fund itself is short 8 hundred
thousand dollars. It means, we have to go through this again two more times this year (Veterans Day/Day after Thanksgiving). It means the pension fund will be short over 3 million dollars for 2011 (not including the kick in the pants from the market being down). It means, your monthly pension pay out, should you retire, will be reduced.

One officer tried to get an explanation from the Finance Department. In part, here is the answer he received;
"I hope this answers your questions. Please contact me if you have further questions. Additionally, I noticed that there are some questions and responses to the unpaid holiday on the Police blog that others have responded to which may be of help to officers who have similar specific questions."
Looks like the county has finally legitimatized our blog.

To read the full response, click here.

The madness and thievery continues.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused. In reading the full response from Keith, it read "those that worked a full work week were compensated but did not get to bank the holiday"....well I worked the full 40 hours, did not get to bank the holiday, and received a reduction in pay. Where is the compensation in that? Can you better explain that to me?

Anonymous said...

The holiday wasn't funded. So that means we shouldn't have gotten to bank the holiday. I didn't work on the holiday, so funding the holiday is irrelevant. The days before and after the holiday were funded. So why did my pay need to be cut?

Anonymous said...

I do not want to be continuously blunt, but in order to get satisfaction for yourselves, y'all need to get off your fat asses and do something constructive like suing the SOBs. Crying on this blog isn't going to get anywhere unless y'all band together, get a lawyer who specializes in Labor law anbd take them to Federal Court. Its that simple.

Quit moaning and groaning and expecting the BOC & the CEO to do something which y'all might think is right, when basically they do not give a shit about y'all.

Granted, this blog is a very place to let off steam and frustration, but unfortunately, that is as far as it is going to go.

So, get into gear, band together, take a few dollars and pool it for a retainer for a good lawyer. If y'all stand still and expect something to happen for the good, y'all are terribly wrong and stupid. Quit bitching and start acting now!!!

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something...?

So now we get answers to questions about pay and benefits from an "IT Manager".....Correct me if I'm wrong but, IT does still stand for Information Technology ....aka computers......Right?

That must be one HELL of an IT degree he has.

We're screwed........time to actively start interviewing.

Anonymous said...

D.E.K.A.L.B (Democrats Expecting Kakistocracy And Liberal Bias) End of story...

Anonymous said...

Gee this blog has accomplished a pant load!

Anonymous said...

Please someone answer why you all keep working for this criminal organization? Why on earth would anyone stay with Dekalb PD? I do not understand this at all.
The democrats who have run Dekalb into the ground will eventually have to beg for a bail out from the state and then blame it on white people or republicans.

Anonymous said...

Until law suits are filed and a large group of officers join in, NOTHING will change.
Your so called 'union' does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know a good labor laywer? It's time for a class action law suit against this crooked county. If we don't stand up for ourselves, noone will. This is illegal! They can't just reduce our pay because they feel like. Where are the news crews now?

Anonymous said...

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Minimum Requirements: High School diploma (or GED equivalent), Bachelor degree preferred. Valid driver’s license and satisfactory MVR. Must be a U.S. citizen. No felony or domestic violence convictions. Must be 21 years of age. Preference will be given to those applicants who are currently GA Peace Officer Certified.

Successful candidates will pass a physical agility test, written examination, oral interview, polygraph examination, background investigation, employment verification, psychological examination, and physical examination including drug screen.

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The position is considered open until filled.

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C out of here said...

Ok all lets get something straight. WE as Officers or county employees will not "come together", so stop the BS. We have families to feed and bills to pay. We don't want the unnecessary stress of an anal supervisor directing their "punishment" on us.Yes we can join the FOP, but in reality the BOC knows without a real union, there is no bite. Remember we, officers, tried the union thing years ago, and look at the carnage that followed. So I tell anyone who want a real option, resume and online posting, network with friends and family. On that note where is M out of here, long time no post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 1:09,

One thing this blog did accomplished, was to run off that corrupt Terrell Bolton and all his minions. Sorry they all just happened to have your friends.

Slamin Ethel said...

So what you are saying is that if I take a pound of trouser trout, multiply that by 2/3's of a fraction, my pay would be equal to what an ounce of shit?
Hey im just trying to make sense of these decimal points bare with me.
Hold on now I think I have it, it was 1/3 of a pound of shit with 2/3's of bullshit from HR.
No no wait that can't be right, it was an ounce of crap from HR followed up with an equal number parts of horse shit from the CEO, rounded up to the nearest load from Stogner's old ass.
Hell I'm lost, I may have to come out of retirement to fiqure this out.

Big Pete said...

This artical looks really suspicious, and familar.


Hey kids look!! A deer!!!

Anonymous said...

Yaaayyy!! Slamin Ethel is back!

Anonymous said...

Now shut up and go write some tickets!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tick tock tick tock... You vested guys are really playing Russian Roulette with your pension. Freeze it while you still have the option to collect at 50.

Anonymous said...

In response to Slamin Ethel; this is how you work the figures:

You must factor in the bucket of promises they've been hanging over your heads for the last six years also. Now, those promises weigh approximately 150 kg. You multiply that by the acceleration due to gravity (150kg x -9.8 m/s^2)= -1470 N (Newtons), since gravity is pulling the bucket down in the -y direction. We'll call this vector F2. The promises are held in place by a rope in the positive y direction attached to a pole that is horizontal to the x-axis that is held by the BOC (working with the cartesian coordinate system).

Now remember, while gravity is pulling your promises down in the -y direction, the bucket is also held in place by the rope. This force vector, known as tension, (We'll call this one F1) is moving in the opposite direction as F2.

Finally, the mathematics;
F2= -1470 N
F1= 1470 N
1470 N + -1470 N = ZERO N !!

Issac Newtons' laws of motion:

Law 1. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

Law 2. Really don't need it for this example.

Law 3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So according the math as long as you stay there, YOU AIN'T GETTING SHIT! Is this simple enough? I don't mind solving it using Differential Equations and Calculus?

Former South 20 car, Ga Tech graduate in December 2011..I got the hell on! should you!

Anonymous said...

October 4, 0855am:


WAY.TO.GO. *insert chest bump *

Anonymous said...

Does anyone on this blog know anyone in the billboard/advertising business? I think pooling some money together for a billboard was a good idea. It should probably be placed somewhere in the North or Center Pct area on 85 or 285. Most of the citizens in those areas pay most of the taxes and got a significant tax increase from the county, so it might stir something up since they are stirred up already. And lets also face this fact, citizens living in those areas are more pro police than the other areas of the county.

Don't know why everyone is so shocked about the underhanded move pulled by the county regarding these unfunded holidays. This type of sneaky action and outright dishonesty is endemic from all local levels of govt around the country all the way to the top in Washington DC. Most politicians are perps in nice clothing that display nice smiles to the public while they are robbing them blind.

A lawsuit may be a good idea, but it needs to be a solid case. These thieves and their legal lawyer scum advisers know what they are doing and how to get away with screwing us to the limits of the law.

Lets start trying to protect ourselves by going to county meetings and getting the public behind us. It can only help, cause right now, the future is obvious. They are just getting a taste of f-ing with the pension, and that taste is gonna grow over time

-Anon 1118

Dues paying FOP cop.... said...

How about it Sgt. Wiggs......Have the FOP lawyers looked into this?

If they did screw us...illegally,.... it would be a feather in the FOP's cap.

Anonymous said...


In reference to my remarks, can you possibly place an article regarding the billboard idea so we can see if there is enough support to organize this, what it will cost, and how we can get it going? Bad press and a ton of phone calls to political offices are effective tools in shaping a politicians decisions and views on issues....thanks

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 6:47 on the 3rd...

Lee Parks used to be about the best lawyer around at suing DeKalb. I would start with him!!!!!

Slamin Ethel said...

Ok In response to Anon 8:55, You know Mr. Tech Grad.

Look im no damn rocket scientist and I'm not much on Z vector Force followed up with Newtons Law of gravity, which in turn would lead to the tension of a damn rope on a pulley.

Now follow me if you will, I come from the Ivey League school of Hard Knocks. Maybe since you are a graduate of Tech you have heard of my school.

It has taught me well, and although I cant put a rocket into space, I can throw a paper plane into the sky.

Sounds logical right, I have just beat the laws of gravity with my brute force and massive muscle power that I possess.

I also know a load of crap when I see it, and further know that a pound of shit weighs the same as a pound of piss.

So please spare me with your fancy terminology of Z Vector force, with a side order F Drag, follwed up wit Y over X is equal to P.

Now if my fancy words are bothersome to you, then I challange you to a dual. Riddle me this if you will, How much force would it take to properly relieve a trouser trout that has affected by newtons law of gravity and sagging for the past two years.

Please take into account the length and diameter, multiplied by the ripe old age of 83.

Now im going back into retirement, leave me be.

Anonymous said...

What on earth did you just say? It absolutely made no sense. Dementia patient maybe?