Saturday, February 11, 2012

City of DeKalb?

This idea has been floated around since the Manual Maloof Days. Representative Billy Mitchell (D-Stone Mountain) still fails to make a case.

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Anonymous said...

This is a terrible idea. Municipalization at the local level is the only way to threaten the county purse-strings for continued mis-management.

Frankly, as much as y'all have to run from call to call, I very rarely see routine patrols in my subdivision. With you stretched thin and underpaid, with county garbage workers flinging empty garbage cans haphazardly back into yards, with roads falling apart right and left, and with the county slow on the adoption of long-term transportation/development plans (not to mention the corruption and mismanagement), it really might be time for all unincorporated areas to municipalize in local governments independent of the county.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need is DeKalb to become a city. Make it harder for more more places to REMOVE themselves from the corrupted county.

Anonymous said...

This idea rocks. I say that because politicians typically don't serve the public as well as they serve themselves. New boss same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

other than the slugs who live off the government, those of us who actually pay taxes will eventually form our own cities just like all the cities in North Fulton.
I would gladly pay higher taxes to receive the same services tax payers in Alpharetta or Sandy Springs receive.

Bryce Farbstein said...

It would be much more useful for our delegation to the Capitol to focus on improving the function of the County, rather than trying to create an option that would allow endless poor quality service delivery without consequence, and that would give no chance of relief for residents.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to live in the City of DeKalb!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There was a plan for the City of Cobb years ago to keep Atlanta from annexing into the county and to protect some of the high value land in the unincorporated areas such as Town Center, Cumberland CID and others. The plan never went anywhere and ditto for the City of Dekalb. With the political climate, no one wants to be stuck with a bad county government that will simply become their city government.

Do you think Druid Hills, Emory Village, Stonecrest CID and Tucker are going to stick around once Brookhaven leaves? Do you realize that Chamblee, Doraville, Clarkston, Avondale Estates and Decatur have annexation plans on the table? What has held Decatur up is making sure the school system can accommodate the students.

Chamblee has not hid the fact they want more land. I guarantee you we will see more cityhood legislation for Dekalb next year. South Fulton has already been told, their days unincorporated are numbered. We'll have a pocket like Fulton has that will be unincorporated before either Decatur or Atlanta will be forced to take it in.

Anonymous said...

To Bryce Farbstein, well said!
As the blog noted this idea gets trotted out every decade and goes nowhere.
DeKalb government is fracked up and the entire form of local government based upon the CEO model is dysfunctional and must be rebuilt.
CEO Burrel Ellis only shows up at BOC meetings to veto a study abolishing his position provides ample evidence of the CEO's incompetence, self-importance and sheer laziness.
Mr. Ellis appears to spend more time in DC and national conferences than in BOC meetings. Mr. Ellis's personal staff has bloated to a figure so large that they are no longer available and has taken over the entire 5th floor of the Ponce building and isolated himself behind security access to the floor.
The CEO's office is increasing ineffective and expensive. The whopping 166 grand salary offered the new Economic Development director provides ample evidence that CEO Ellis provides well for his staff at the expense of county citizens and employees.
The DeKalb house delegation should carefully examine the abuses of the CEO's office dating before Vernon Jones federal conviction of "creating a hostile work environment for employees" and all the way through CEO Burell Ellis's current incompetance .
Is the CEO form of local government the best that can be delivered to DeKalb citizens?
Are there viable alternatives to a local form of government clearly failing its citizens?
We all know the answers.
The DeKalb house delegation needs to step forward in this issue because DeKalb local political leaders would rather run the county into the ground before admiting they are failures and the problems are just to big for them, their inflated ego's and high self esteem.
When Brookhaven goes, I guarantee political hell is going to break loose in the county.
Only a fool would do nothing in the current circumstances.

Best of luck, mates!