Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fish Paper

Over the last three weeks we have three stories from the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution (AJC) about DeKalb government that were promptly buried and no critical analysis offered.

The three stories are remarkable in detailing the exploitation of DeKalb employees and the reduction of core services provided by DeKalb government to its citizens in favor of increased budgets for the CEO and BOC offices and staff.

That the AJC finds no issues with DeKalb government operating an exploitative "pay-day lender" scheme to its employees or increasing the budgets of the CEO and BOC political offices while simultaneously reducing the budget countywide 10 percent in expectation that Brookhaven will secede from DeKalb government, asks for some for valid questions that AJC reporters and editors refuse to provide.

The AJC is totally silent on implications of the last several weeks. If DeKalb government was lead by a different political party I can guarantee the AJC would rip into DeKalb government for good reason.

I don't care about the political affiliation of DeKalb's political leaders,
I do care about good government for DeKalb citizens and the employees and these last three stories beg for some investigation.

Why are DeKalb leaders refusing to negotiate with Brookhaven citizens?

Why are DeKalb politicians proposing raising their own office budgets and decreasing the budgets of core services to the citizens

Why do DeKalb politician refuse to reorganize and downsize as almost every county surrounding DeKalb has done in the current financial recession?

Why does the AJC increasingly act as the PR spokesperson for DeKalb government instead of offering critical analysis of a dysfunctional local government spiraling down to bankruptcy and rife with unethical deals that even the mentally challenged can recognize?

The AJC is failing DeKalb citizens, DeKalb political
leadership is doing even worse.

It is past time that DeKalb citizens elect solid leaders based upon qualification rather than politics or color of skin.

DeKalb government is failing and the sooner the citizens recognize and correct it the better off they will be.

The AJC is covering for DeKalb's piss-poor political leadership


Best of luck guys and gals


Anonymous said...

Ever since Megan left or was let go. Dekalb news is not worth reading. At times I think its Burrells and the BOC's Newspaper.
The only thing they spend time
writing detail about is the dumb
stuff Burell is pushing that is
like his stock car million dollar
track.Almost a full page not
telling what the cost to maintain is. The AJC is helping to keep
DEKALB residents in the dark.

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING editoral Ken C. The fact that the Dekalb BOC is willing to let Brookhaven / Ashford split from Dekalb is extremely frightening as to Dekalb BOC thought process.

Anonymous said...

Would the last one out please turn off the lights?

Anonymous said...

Damn...Just Damn!

Anonymous said...

How do vote for something that isn't there? By voting for anyone who runs for any office is replacing one crook following another with their own agenda. The end result in all of this will be Tucker and all of the unicorporated areas of the county.

Anonymous said...

I buy the AJC for the coupons I use the rest to line my bird cage. But that is typical in Atlanta they don't want rock the urban political powers that be and be labeled racists.

Anonymous said...

The Dekalb Government's no response to the City of Brookhaven in unbelieveable and complete incompetence. They gave away the only real tax base that they had...Dunwoody and Brookhaven. I guess they plan to support the county on the backs of Memorial Dr and Candler Rd...good luck with that. Completely unbelieveable.

Anonymous said...

The Purchase power Program is strictly voluntary, You don't want to take advantage dont.
You have no will power to curb your own spending then blame yourself.
Ken C is so disconnected from the everyday workings of Dekalb County it is pathetic
He apparently has no clue about the City of Brookhaven and the process that it is going through.
No one iw "willing" but Mike JAcobs and the Republican Legislators have complete control over the process and have NO regard for the position of the BOC or even the DeKalb Delegation
For crying out loud at least do a little homework over this.
Following Ken C is like following the lemming over the lemmings over the cliff and into the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Vernon Jones effectively destroyed the relationship with north DeKalb. He only played to his voting bloc and thumbed his nose at the rest. The current BOC is not any better. All of the money and resources have flowed south for the last 10-15 years. The only problem with that was the checks were being written by the northern residents and businesses. Can you blame them for wanting to leave? Hell if I was them I'd do everything I could to get out of that terrible school system. Face it, this county has lost its luster. Maybe just maybe in 20 years the real estate market will have come back and things will change.

Anonymous said...

If the comments supporting KenC's/LoFlyers continued ill-informed rants are from LE, it is very distressing to me that you would take everything he says at face value. Not that there's not good intent and some truth to what he says, but I am a citizen who follows several news sources and talks to everyone I can who might be knowledgeable about a particular issue. More often than not, there's so much more to the story than he presents. So much more, that his spin seems personally motivated, whether he realizes it or not, and intended to elicit anger and resentment when there is actually a very plausible explanation that renders all the angst unecessary. Not always, but often. Seek facts, and you shall find. Stay hopeful, thank you for what you do and I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

How many town hall meetings does the CEO have planned for the area that may become Brookhaven? Zero, zilch, nada.
The CEOs office just rolled out the new jobs program bus. You got the email on this, but you probably deleted it. Anyhow, they posted a schedule of where it is going to be and none of the locations are on the north side of the county.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb County = Greece

Anonymous said...

Why? Because Dekalb county is run by black democrats and liberals.

They play to only the black areas who vote for them and give them govt crumbs while enriching themselves....Dekalb is becoming a banana republic.

I say north Dekalb and North Fulton become Milton County while the rest of Dekalb is simply merged with Fulton Co.