Friday, May 4, 2012

Until Adkison Is Fired, He Continues To Make The Department Look Foolish! Slamin Ethil responds:
"Let's see a Sgt has been assigned to the screening desk for the better part of a month. While sitting there his gun and duty equpiment has been taken away.

This would leave a reasonable person to believe they were being scrutinized by the wonderful powers that be.

So why in the hell would you "Sgt Adkison" go and work part time jobs, without might I add a gun or radio, and im told in a training uniform.

Now with that in mind, and as stupid as it seems, how can you lead anyone as a supervisor.

Better yet I feel for the very souls who are assigned to you to lead them into battle.

Oh well what'a I know, well I tell ya. I know alot of criminal acts that take place around this place and I find it sickining. I can no longer wear the uniform with pride. It is merely a means to my retirement.

So Sgt Adksison enjoy your admin leave, it has to be better than screening, but your time is near.

Now I must go and slam some ham!!!"


Anonymous said...

this story is tire.... when the county take action then it will be a new story... Come on writers of this blog don't stop everybody from reading the blog. Just write the stories and try not to be bias, then the credibility will be worth something.... report the stories equally black/white... I was hoping you show some type of love to richardson by now... he is a fallen soldier, brother is he not?... The sgt. story and cap. story is not more important then how to honor a fallen soldier.... as of right now blog is just as bad as the county it try to destroy ..... get it together or lose a lot of police officers support....

Anonymous said...

I've tried my hardest to not post a thing on this blog, but I feel I have to. All I see, day in and day out on this is complaints, gossip, and bitching. From what you all are portraying, there are 3 kinds of DKPD officers, Those that do unseen damage by fucking up and not being caught, Those that do seen damage and end up with their mugs on the 6 '0clock news ,and there are the ones that see all this going down and do the worse damage to the department, by feeling it's more effective to write about it on a blog, rather than write a damn reporter, or better yet, an FBI Agent.

There's this thing called being anonymous, if civilians can be anonymous to report perps, YOU can be anonymous to report the bad apples, that the department apparently cant handle. It is absolutely ridiculous that the Director of Public Safety, which firts off is the most useless position in the County, basically made for corrupt bastards like Wiz to occupy and the Assistant Chief, who has a good chance of becoming CHIEF has not only covered up and covered the ass of a pot-smoking secretary, but has also put several cases in which the K-9's were involved in jeopardy, because they're basically saying the dogs and officers were wrong. That shit is fodder for perp lawyers. What pisses me off more is some of you jackasses are laughing about it, like its fucking funny. This isn't the 1940's, you're not the LAPD, corruption isnt funny, especially when there are corrupt asses on your six during a call.

Noone is going to pay attention to you on this blog. The news occasionally takes a promotion order, or reports a post from the BLOGMASTER on the news, but get fucking real. Noone is going to report, nor want to hear rumors and gossip on the news. You cry and bitch and moan about change and the powers that be, well here's a newsflash those "powers" are staying right where they are because noone wants to be a fucking man and say "Fuck this JOB, Fuck who I think is my FRIEND, I didnt become a cop for the 35K a year, I did it because I wanted to do honest work." But thats just the problem, some of you just want to clock in, collect the paperwork, and clock out. If thats the case, shut the fuck up, you dont want to speak on the truth when it matters, dont speak.

Now, since all of you are too damn lazy to get some real information, I took all of 5 minutes through a Bing search to find out the contact information for the FBI Field Office, which handles Public GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION. No, one singing bird isnt going to take it all down, but if you all start typing out E-Mails and making phone calls to these people, rather than hucking it up on this blog, then you wont have people feeling ashamed of this department.

FBI Atlanta (Division Headquarters)

2635 Century Parkway N.E., Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: (404) 679-9000
Fax: (404) 679-6289

Although we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our normal “walk-in” business hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need to speak to a FBI representative at any time other than during normal business hours, please telephone our office at (404) 679-9000.

Here, let me make it easier on you, dont even call, dont even stop by, they have a wonderful TIP website.

Your fucking welcome, regardless of what people make of this department, you all wear a badge, and you all accepted the honor that comes with it the day you raised your right hand, Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

His name was Russell Richards!!! Not Richardson!!

Anonymous said...

I was at Det. Richardson's funeral and only about 40 officers and detectives showed up. I expected all of CID to show up (except for those on duty) and a good portion of Uniform should have showed up; too. All of the detectives in his unit were there, along with SOD and a scattering of officers from Uniform. Two assistant chiefs were there and the honor guard. I was disappointed in the turn out for one of our own. Whether you knew him or not, you should have made the time to be there. I did not know him, but I felt it was important to show his family that we all stand as one.

DeKalb Officers said...

To Anon 9:42,

Once again we apologize for not posting the death of Richards. It appears he was a very dear friend to you. We didn't personally know him as a friend, but the death of any police officer breaks our heart.

Since we were neglect in posting his obituary, we ask you to send us a written memorial of him and we will post it front page.

You can send it to: We will not release your name. Or you can create a fictitious email address through Google or Hotmail and send the memorial to us.

Once again, please accept our apologies.

Fraternally yours,

DeKalb Officers.

Anonymous said...

The sarge resigns.... wonder if this will follow that Durret story line... resign to keep the pension and be charged shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Peace out, bro.