Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burrell Makes Political Speech

Burrell kowtows to the voters using a murderous shootout at a funeral at a church as his backdrop. And Burrell wants us to take him serious about reducing crime.

Well, first of all, there are come cultural differences of violence acceptance that have to be addressed. Then he needs to address sentencing for crimes commented. Maybe if he had a couple superior court judges, a handful of state congress people, the state attorney general, the governor himself on his "panel", then we would believe he is serious.

The only thing to come out of all of this was air temperature in that area increased for a few hours.


Anonymous said...

"What are we gonna do to solve this?" How about trying to actually raise your kids at home so they know the difference between right and wrong. If you don't set an example by caring for yourself and others, they will grow up not caring either. You can't sit around yelling for a solution without putting your foot forward first. Our society and courts need to step it up too and quit giving light sentences for serious crimes. The real villains have nothing to fear from a neutered justice system.

Hold them Accountable said...

Cite and release... 99AR on the stats board..on to the next one.

What's wrong with our sergeants? Why haven't they solved the problem?

Yes, they need to go to a five and two until the crime stats go down! Run them all off!

Anonymous said...

"What are we going to do right now to solve this!?!"....... Well for starters Im gonna get you a cold ice pack for that big ass shiner on your left eye.

Anonymous said...

Officer goes to the Zaxby's on Panola near Covington to eat, gets sick from what smells like cigarette ashes in his food. Major felony comes out, interviews employees and takes video system because owner emands they get a search warrant. Owner calls Ellis crying because he is big contributor...Ellis calls Obrein, Obrein calls Major Felony...Major felony clues in cheif. I guess OB clued in Ellis. Instead of bothering the PD for investigating an attack on one of their own, Ellis should have told this idiot to go pound sand. But that is the CEO you guys have so go write more tickets.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Ellis, it looks like your arrogance and policy decisions are coming back to haunt you. Unless of course, you planned it this way all along...what a convenient campaign tool. Where have you been the last few years? Where have you been when it comes to showing support for law enforcement? If you really cared about crime in your community, you would have acted much differently. Your words mean nothing any more (in fact, haven't for quite a long time), and your actions have spoken volumes. You have pretty good spin for all the poor choices you've made, but I am hoping there are enough intelligent people to out-vote all the ignorant ones who buy your crap. This incident may have been a great tool for you to make yourself look good to people who don't know any better, but Mr Ellis, as a citizen of Dekalb County, I will NOT be voting for you. I will be working to see you voted out of office, because to me, YOU are the tool.

Anonymous said...

The black community always destroys itself.
Dekalb County is just another example of how those who have been raised to depend on govt for everything keep electing the same maggot thieves who run the county, schools, police force, finances, economy into the ground and then scratch their heads when the county has terrible crime, gangs, and drugs everywhere.

The ONLY hope for Dekalb is what happened in Fulton....multiple cities incorporating which will drastically reduce the size and scope of county govt.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows what the problem is.
A culture of violance and poor moral ethics. There is also a culture of false entitlement that somehow the government is supposed to provide there every want and need as a basic civil right. Especially among the CEO and a few commissioners.
While this sounds utopian and rightous there are some major issues with this form of "soft socialism".
Someone has to pay for it, and when no one wants to, core government functions such as fire and police protection are being slowly whittled away to provide Micky-Mouse services of horse-farms, aqua-parks and performing arts center. Meanwhile DeKalb sworn police officers has declined by 1/3 over the last decade.
Crime is way up in DeKalb and DeKalb's political leadership is incapable of figuring out the issue much less providing decisive leadership.
You reap what you sow.
My opinionated opinion.
Best of luck, mates!

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the Zaxby's on Panola and Covington....when we went to investigate....through several managers..including the owner...except for one district manager...they all said..."To Hell with the police..get your warrant"..because I'm not getting you anything......well...we did the Checy Chase head Bob....and replied..."otay"...

Major felony respondes and take the entire...and I mean the entire recording systems of the location...

Oh did they tell you that the Zaxby's at that location is a work release location for a half-way house in Lithiona...for the perps we've already put in jail????

How many times has this happened in the past???

Glad the officer is 10-4...but I can see a hell of a lawsuit coming out of this one.......hopefully...the next time we ask please.....and they respond....f*ck the police.....they will think twice!!!

I could see lots of safety check points in front of that location.

Anonymous said...

Vote his Ass out.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot anon 543 why would you put the information on an ongoing investigation on the internet? Do you think before you type? Let me guess typical 3000 badge number. Oh and another thing dont post what WE do on an investigation, because I assure you that "YOU" are not part of "WE"

Anonymous said...

So what was the outcome, was their soemthing put in the Officers food?

Anonymous said...

Mr. CEO is like our President. If his lips are moving, then we all know he is lying. His transparancey administration is a big joke and like the President's administration, basically is a carbon copy.

Mr. CEO is now using all of crime crap that has transpired over time to try to make aware that the citizens of Dekalb hould bring back for another four years. This in itself, would not only be a waste of time and taxpayers money, but a repeat of all of the bullshit that he has dished out in the first four years.

Our illustrious CEO is wasted space and plays for the hands of his buddy crooks and to see how more damage he can do.

So, the citizens and voters of this county, do something useful and smart for a change......Get rid of CEO Burrell Ellis.

BeSafe said...

"What are going to do to solve this?"
1.Educate yourself, your kids and your community.
2.Discard that "no snitchin" mentality.
3.Report illegal activity (with a description) not that generic black male, white shirt & black jean report.
4."See Number 1" and VOTE for the best person for your community.
5. Support Public Safety!


Anonymous said...

To Annon: 7:36,

You call that an investigation??? Jr...that looks like a cut and dry investigation to many......oh...that's right.....were to over worked to actually do some real investigative work.....i suppose your one those people that look for the quick way out to clear the case to make your monthly stats look better.....right???

If there not going to do anything over much heavier situations in the county...(including policing our own enternal perps)....what makes you think this is a big security leak????

Guess you over looked they main topic of the entry.....STAY AWAY.....and please don't tell me your in CID.....and if need to go back out and learn policing 101!!!

Anonymous said...

I left that evil place about 10 years ago when I finally figured out that the whole county is rotten to the core! I am positive they put cleaning solution on my hamburger at Memorial Dr and Harriston Rd. I was in uniform and I guess they wanted to poison me as well. I am so glad I got away from DeKalb. I would not spend one dime of my money there, even to buy gas. If you are smart you will leave and never come back and let them wallow in thier own filth.

Anonymous said...

Boot Burrell from office