Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chief O’Brien Set To Retire

Rumor has it; this week is Chief O’Briens last official working week. He is set to retire at the end of the year. For the remainder of the year, he will be taking leave time.

We have to hand it to O.B. He was appointed chief at the worst of times. Our department was reeling from the corruption of Terrell Bolton and his minions. The morale of the department was at a historic low.

Chief O’Brien faced a near impossible task. He managed to restore morale even with the constraints of a limited budget. He did the best anyone could, knowing that each time he met with the commissioners; he was dealing with imbeciles at best.

We have no doubt he wished he could do more. He truly loves our department.

Now we look to the future, wondering who will take his place.

Godspeed O.B.!


Jus Sayin' said...

Its funny the comments about OB are similar to the Presidents but no one will say the same about him.

jus Saying said...

The same could be said for the President.

Anonymous said...

Jus Sayin, are you an idiot or high on crack? What the fuck are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Who ever takes OB's place, we all hope that he is not a blooming idiot. Chief OB did a vey good considering the obstacles he was facing. Trying to get his department back on track was not an easy task, dealing with those dingbats in Decatur (BOC & CEO) on a daily basis would cause the most soberest person, a reason to start drinking.

We all wish Chief OB the best of luck in his future, no matter what he does.

What we all hope is that the next chief has a brain in head instead of an idiot who drops to every beck and call of the CEO or Wiz.
We all hope that Wiz is not on the horizon in that slot.

Hope and pray for the best and prepare for the worst !

Anonymous said...

Not the same. The president made outrageous promises he knew he could not keep just to get into office. His promise to lower unemployment below approximately 5%, not kept. His promise to balance the budget, not kept. His promise of a transparent government, not kept. He has attempted fund the recovery effort on the government payroll and we now have a budget that is over 60% higher than when he took office. And the list goes on and on. He has succeeded in distancing us from our allies and lower the international image of ur country. Could write a book on this but this is not the correct forum. Thanks for the 30 years Chief O.B. may you have a happy and relaxing retirement if that is your plan.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Bill!!!!!
It will be hard to replace you with the same caliber of integrity you have shown.
For the sake of the men and women of DKPD, I hope they appoint someone with the wisdom and judgement you have displayed over the years.

Anonymous said...

He also promised to make all illegal aliens legal, not kept. Close Gitmo, not kept. O.k. maybe he did a few good things by not keeping all of his campaign promises. Enjoy that pension O'B.

Anonymous said...

I see Decatur is taking apps for the Chief.... why would anyone apply?

Officers are leaving in waves due to moral, pay etc

There are NO raises in the future.... that also impacts pension possibly received at retirement

There is no future at Dekalb outside getting experience and leaving.

Anonymous said...

I would not hold my breath that The CEO or the BOC will make any type of an intelligent decision on a new chief......or anything else. These morons lost Dunwoody and Brookhaven from the county. Those feats are at the top of any imbicile list that I could think of and Dekalb County has the absolut worst management possible and this has been the case since the year 2000, the year that Dekalb started trecking backward in management. Disgusting !

Anonymous said...

The BOC and CEO's ignored the huge tax base entities of Dunwoody and Brookhaven and elected to kow tow to the south of the county. Great move you wizzards. Great move.Now look whats left. Look real good and study your tax base. This is all very hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

OB....talked to you when you were being appointed to that position....you said then it was going to a uphill battle with a sea of nothing but red tape.

You were right....I watched the BOC yank 98% of what you had on the table off of it...leaving you in a position of title...with very little room......granted...they wanted you to jump and down and scream....but working with you for the past 25 years.....You were firm...but fair and did what you could....knowing that there were other factors involved (other individuals w/in the dept.).

So Sir....It has been a been truely an honor and priviledge to work with you....even coming down to IA to answer the complaints and you were there shaking your head....lol.....you'll be remembered as one of the greats within the dept...matters not what the rest say.....I've been in the trenches with you... 27's and all...along with the sweat that we have endured to keep things going.

Best of luck....you deserve it!!!!
Go spend time with the family.
Remember when you leave...you can always smile and say...."I'm going to Disney World....because I'm leaving the circus"!!! Be safe brother.

Anonymous said...

OB was always fair and honorable. Best of luck dude

Anonymous said...

Yep enjoy your pension, at least for 6 months while it's still funded.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to OB for running this department fairly. Hopefully his replacement does the same. I didn't know OB persnally, but he is an example of the integrity we all should have.

Anonymous said...

Finally perhaps we'll get some real leadership in the Chief's office. Hallelujah!!! It's been tough sitting back watching O'Brien be nothing more than a paper weight and then doing nothing more than rewarding his little group of pals. The thing now is they're all wondering who they need to cuddle up to and trying to figure out who's ass to kiss now.>>>

The list is short but it's got a few on it that are truly out of their league. No idea what they are doing. The best part is the backstabbing has already started and its only going to get worse. For us to move FORWARD the new leadership needs to be a reflection of the citizens of Dekalb. Can I get an AMEN!!

Rick Caviness said...


Anonymous said...

Not a bad deal, I think he'll get about 100 grands for the rest of his life,,, again not a bad deal..

Anonymous said...

I don't know about giving you an "amen" but I can give you, "You're a dumbass" How's that? Now go away forum troll.

Anonymous said...

O'Brien, you did your best. Fulton's chief bowed out in 2007 when he saw the writing on the wall. Why stick around and be the last one to turn off the lights?

You had a BOC who were more concerned about ignoring their lawless behavior and protecting their friends. A BOC who looked at you as a department of revenue (tickets, tickets, tickets).

You had to deal with officer after officer being arrested, accused of something serious or forced to resign in lieu of termination. You had to watch a department that people from other agencies yearned to work for become the new Atlanta Police Department (no, that's not a compliment either).

Officers who come to DKPD come now for the 'city, urban' experience and transfer over to the cities or other counties. There many officers I see working for Cobb County PD or Douglas County SO now formerly from DKPD.

Good luck to whoever takes over. It will not be easy and dealing now with less.

Anonymous said...

I have more respect for those that left rather than pretending to be something they aren't and cater to the corrupt.

Anonymous said...

I can say with no hesitation that at one time I could call Chief Obrien an exemplary officer and supervisor and most of all a friend. I watched you build a 26 year career of integrity honesty and as a fair and impartial supervisor who ran an internal affairs unit with very high standards. I then watched you become a shell of the man I knew and watch you sell your soul to criminals and people who cared nothing about you. It was sad to see a man larger than life turn into a political puppet and lap dog for the county rulers. Then you just gave up all together and decided to promote your little group of guys who we all know have no self-respect about them at all. My god you even promoted a major who is basically a criminal, you even knew he was being paid for part time jobs that he never worked and you protected him from the media. Then you turn around and fire mpo’s and sgt’s who didn’t do near the illegal things as some of your best pals. There is no need in me naming all the things I know and spilling all the beans on you and your staff I just could not stand to see you go and be called a white knight who never did anything wrong or corrupt. You are human and make mistakes and I hope you enjoy every day of your retirement but don’t go thinking you left as an honorable or respectable officer supervisor or person because you are none of those. It has taken me 24 years to reach my rank and all the people I supervise know where I stand and when I leave I can rest easy that I was a good officer and an honorable one but most of all I will be able to say I never compromised myself or my integrity for this department. Godspeed and I hope you find your morale’s and integrity again someday because at one time you were a hell of a man.

Anonymous said...

Heard some information re O'Brien's future employment. Chief of Brookhaven's police dept. Has this been confirmed yet? Came from a pretty reliable source but we all know how that can go!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:18,

If you have truly spent the number of years here as you claim then I'm sure there are people who will make the same claim against you as you just did against Chief O.

It's people like you who make me sick. Posting on an anonymous blog and being able to make blanket accusations without any type of evidence to back them up. You've been here long enough to know better. It just hurts our department. Do us all a favor and just retire now. Then sit back and watch people scream how bad of a person you "really" were.

If Jesus were walking the earth today the majority of bloggers on this site would complain about how he promoted his 12 best friends and how they drank all the good wine.