Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frustration Building Over Pension Board Refusing To Release Minutes

We can't agree more with the following commenter. The pension board agreed to publicly post the minutes of each meeting for everyone to read on the county website.

But for some reason, they refuse to do so. The last update was in July 2012. Oddly, the updates stopped after we criticized the attempt of placing Bonita Ransom on the board.  
What is the pension board hiding? 

"It is the responsibility of our so called "REPRESENTATIVES" on the pension board, the people we ELECTED, to keep us informed about our pension and the pension meetings. Our so called "REPRESENTATIVES" fail us by not keeping us informed about OUR pension fund. Why is this FAILURE allowed to continue and why do we keep electing the same people who FAIL to keep us informed? I want to know what the hell is going on with my pension on a consistent basis "!


Anonymous said...

I do also.We all do. Are they hiding something? Why don't the guy's we have as rep's keep us informed. This is typical Dekalb Co GA. They never try to avoid problems with employees and retirees, they fuel the problems.

Anonymous said...

Is there a state law or ordinance or something that they are violating by failing to keep the participants informend?

Anonymous said...

All the usual B/S aside, I do hope the pension remains solvent and capable of taking care of those that are counting on it in years to come.

Anonymous said...

Face it fellow employees....The pension is hiding the facts because there is something "under the table" going on here.

One of two things should happen here: A total recall petition of ALL PENSION BOARD members should start.

Second: Sue the bastards and find out the truth as to what has happened to all that money which lost and why.

Watch out who gripes the most about any of this because this person is the chief of hiding info.

Get the class actions lined up. Good luck in hunting !!!

Anonymous said...

The objective to get Bonita on the board is to swing the vote for the benefit of Burrell Ellis. Her first move would be to discontinue health insurance coverage options for retirees. She has made it clear at previious meetings that this is on her agenda. Support from Mr. Ellis would be that it reduces the actuarial minimum requirement that he has to maintain in the budget. That is also the reason for the push to a new pension plan and to reduce the number of people on the existing plan. Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

In itself, it is sad, that we even have to resort to this blog for such information but Deklab Co has never bee very big with communications to employees. It's rumors, rumors, rumors, and that breeds unrest and jumping to conclusions. They never seem to learn or really care about communication with the worker bee's.Some of these upper mucks would have done better with some military service.

Thomas Brown said...

To the best of my knowledge the only minutes that have not been posted are from the Sept. meeting because they were mistakenly left out of the last meeting of 2012. So the Board tabled their approval until our Jan. meeting to be approved and posted on the web site.
The Directors of Human Resouces and Finance are non voting members by county ordiance and there are no plans to change that format.

Thomas Brown
Board Member