Sunday, January 20, 2013


Image troubles mount for DeKalb, corruption investigations, school woes tarnish reputation. Damage could take years to undo.

 And now, the city of Oak Grove?

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again...Next it will be Tucker... The only thing left of Dekalb County will be south of Glenwood Road. Man all I can say is great leadership BOC, and by that I mean Board of CROOKS:-X

Anonymous said...

When I started here, Dekalb was one of the premiere departments in the southeast to work. The government was well run and there were few scandles. The decline began under Vernon Jones and has continued into CEO Ellis's administration. Citizens are beyond frustrated with the county government and want to incorporate to have a say what happens to their tax dollars. Dekalb has become a bad word across the state. I wonder if there will be anything left of Dekalb to police before I can retire. Will my pension implode where I can't retire?

LoFlyer said...

I know DeKalb can field some smart citizens. Some of the professors and doctors at Emory are probably some of brightest people on the globe.
The problem is the majority of citizens continue to reelect really bad political leaders who make really poor decisions.
I want to make this official. I have given up on DeKalb government and school system.
Even the blind, err,,, the optically challenged can recognize DeKalb government leaders are actually making the county's problems significantly worse.
The cities of Dunwoody and Brookhaven did not magically spring to life. The citizens of both got fed up with DeKalb leadership. Unable to change DeKalb government legislatively they made their choice.
I beg the DeKalb legislative delegates to step in, and restore DeKalb's political leadership.
The citizens are clueless.
One last thing. I may have given up on DeKalb county, that's not going to stop me raising hell about the failure of DeKalb political leadership. What can they do? Fire me?
My heart will always be with citizens and employees of DeKalb county.
Stay safe guys and gals!

Anonymous said...

Why not take the recommendations of the BOC and do away with the Director's position and bring in a quality chief. Not another fraternity buddy, to be chief.
Then consider giving some kind of incentive like military or college. There will be alot of military vets looking for a job, with the downsizing of the military.
Realistically, you have to look at it from the policitician's perspective. They aren't in it for the long haul, so where is the incentive to take carry of your employees. All you get is double speak from Decatur to the trickle down in the department, even on the little things. For instance, the yearbooks. I asked the person that set that up, when I would be getting my yearbook. Not a tough question, since I paid for it 7 months ago. His answer was that he didn't set that part of it up. I'm still trying to figure out if his lips were moving when he was speaking to me. Next time you see him, ask him, let me know if his lips move.

Anonymous said...

The game is afoot. If Tucker or Oak Grove become a city, when will they do it? And who goes first?

Tucker has gone down this road before. However, the county has done their darndnest to placate them. They’ve given Tucker a new high school, new middle school, new library, police precinct, and helped them spruce up main street. And don’t forget Burke Brennan is still president of the Tucker Business Association.

Had the whole incorporation movement started earlier, before large changes in Tucker's demographics, becoming a city would have been more likely. It’s still possible but the county will put up a huge fight, because losing Tucker would be a big blow to what’s left of unincorporated DeKalb.

Then there's Oak Grove (or whatever it will be called). They've held a couple meetings organized by Kevin Levitas. You can bet they'd take Executive Park and Toco Hills and would also like to grab Northlake. And that would almost doom any plan for Tucker. Who would have thought that the battle would come down to Northlake?

It will be interesting to see what kind of sway former Democratic Rep. Levitas has with current DeKalb legislators.

The current momentum is with Oak Grove. Tucker's stuck behind the 8 ball and will be screwed if and when Oak Grove takes Northlake.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be ironic if Oak Grove incorporated with an eastern boundary of Northlake Pkwy .....285 would make more sense but, Northlake (including 34) just to piss off the BOC.