Monday, July 7, 2014

Batting 1000

Ethics complaint filed against DeKalb Commissioner Gannon

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

An ethics complaint filed Monday against DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon accuses her and an assistant of spending government money on gift cards and lawyers.

There are now ethics complaints pending against all six DeKalb County commissioners and Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May.

Gannon said the allegations are unfounded, and she said she has legitimate explanations for every expenditure in her budget.

The complaint, brought by Lithonia resident Monica Parrott, said Gannon’s assistant Michelle Walldorff bought gift cards during the Christmas season that Gannon used for her personal benefit.

Parrott also accuses Gannon of spending county money on attorneys to influence zoning decisions, and of buying votes through financial support of nonprofit organizations.




Anonymous said...

Seven Commissioners equals seven crooks which were probably trained by the Chief Embezzlement
Officer (Burrell Ellis) who was trained by the other idiot (VJ) who is running for Sheriff.

You, as the reader of this blog, if you were a writer, you could not make this stuff up. This is the daily way of government life in which was once was the richest county in the state of Georgia.

The only entity more corrupt than DeKalb County is our beloved Federal Government and everyone knows who is in charge of that.

Anonymous said...


Sandy said...

This is absolutely sickening. Has the entire commission given in to greed? I found this blogsite through another blog that also said that Commissioner Gannon's assistant is the daughter of former Commissioner Gale Walldorf who just started another DeKalb watchdog group. Do you guys know how true that is?

Anonymous said...

I heard DeKalb is teaming up with the Home Shopping Network.

Soon you'll be able to purchase the commissioner of your choice from the comfort of your living room.

- William Shatner

Anonymous said...

If you are a Dekalb Resident make sure to get out and vote AGAINST vernon jones, tell all your neighbors too. NO VJ!! corrupt corrupt don't let it happen.

LoFlyer said...

This was no fluke and many DeKalb voters cannot comprehend the corruption of DeKalb leadership.
Y'all know my views.