Monday, July 7, 2014

Briarside? Lakecliff? And What About Tucker?

By: Lisa George, WABE

The proponents for two proposed new cities in DeKalb County are joining forces. Advocates for potential cities called Briarcliff and Lakeside have agreed to try to agree on a map for a single city.

As Mary Kay Woodworth, head of the group now called “Lakeside-YES,” put it: “We’re dating. We’re not engaged” We’re not married. But we’re getting along well.”
They are getting along well enough to agree central DeKalb can accommodate two new cities but likely not three. According to Briarcliff proponent Allen Venet, “There just is not enough tax base to do that very easily. He added, “You could potentially create one mega-city, but that would I think would be difficult to govern. So in between those two, clearly you can create two cities, and so that is the goal I think that everybody has. The question is exactly where exactly should the lines be.”

So where does that leave Tucker? “If Briarcliff and Lakeside had announced, ‘We’ve made a deal. We’ve agreed on all our borders. We’re ready to talk to Tucker,’ we’d be saying, Hallelujah,’” said Frank Auman of the group Tucker 2015. “But they didn’t say anything like that. So Tucker’s going to keep doing what Tucker does. We’re going to keep our heads down, keep working for what’s best for our community. When time comes to have somebody to talk to, we’re prepared to talk.”

One thing on which all three already agree: to make progress toward cityhood, the maps will have to be finalized, with no overlap of boundaries, before the groups bring them to the 20-15 legislative session.


Anonymous said...

If the snob noses of the Lakeside and the Briarcliff were at least halfway smart, the would ask Tucker to join them instead of making Tucker the lonely child. Three areas could become one large city where no battle lines would be the worry.

Lakeside needs Northlake because of the businesses. Tucker could snatch up Northlake without lifting a finger. Briarcliff is the lonely one because of few businesses.

The matter really boils down to Lakeside and all of it snobs and liberals. They are in the unincorporated area of Decatur which the real snobs are with their noses touching the sky.

Everyone who wants cityhood should start being a single unit with all three together and quit this bickering over who should be the boss.

Anonymous said...

Who can we thank for all this city hood talk, including Dunwoody and Brookhaven?

Anonymous said...

Lakeside and Briarcliff are smart. That's why they finally joined forces. They learn from their mistakes, unlike a lot of people. There was never going to be two cities of Briarcliff and Lakeside, no matter how many stupid stories numerous local media outlets published.

Lakeside/Briarcliff don't need Tucker nor does Tucker necessarily want to join them. Most of the Tucker residents I've heard from want to keep their own identity and not have a mega-city of over 100,000. There are also a lot of Inside The Perimeter residents who do not want their city to extend outside the Perimeter all the way to the Gwinnett County line.

Both Lakeside/Briarcliff and Tucker want Northlake. Whether they both need it is up for debate. If Tucker could snatch it up so easily, then why didn't they already do it? Instead, they agreed to a compromise splitting Northlake up by zip code.

Briarcliff's map actually included more businesses than Lakeside. Again, you really are misinformed.

Lakeside and its liberals? Wow! You couldn't be more wrong. You obviously have no clue as to the make-up of the Lakeside City Alliance and its most fervent supporters. Not to mention the general voting habits of the people in that area. Instead of throwing around baseless accusations, you should understand what you are talking about. The unincorporated areas of Decatur that tend to vote more Democratic were actually left out of Lakeside's map.

Since you're handing out advice to cityhood supporters, I'll give you some: It's best to keep your mouth shut when you don't know what you're talking about. And when most of the people who make their opinions known in person and online are opposed to your "brilliant" idea of one big city, then maybe it's you who isn't "halfway smart".

Anonymous said...

Tucker stands no chance of becoming a city in the next 2 years. And they can thank Frank Auman's arrogance and Elaine Boyer's complicity. There are no DeKalb Republican lawmakers who would introduce their bill. And the Republican majority in the legislature wants NOTHING to do with the DeKalb delegation Democrats. Wake up and get a grip.

Anonymous said...

DKPD better start finding new jobs you county is going bankrupt, pretty soon you will be called candler rd PD

Anonymous said...

Sad thing....officers working for "Candler PD" will see more in one year than most departments in an entire career.... and get paid much less... but hey, we get 3% next month and they're rolling out take homes like hotcakes at a church breakfast!