Monday, March 2, 2015

Greenhaven Passes Financial Test

South DeKalb city would become 2nd largest in Georgia.

  By Mark Niesse  

     The proposed city of Greenhaven in South DeKalb would be financially solid, according to a study by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.  

   The report’s finding clears a path for the city to be considered by the Georgia General Assembly and, if approved by   state lawmakers, come to a vote by residents of the area.  

with about 294,000 residents and a median household income of $41,418, according to the study.

   The city would cover about 126 square miles, stretching from Atlanta’s eastern border near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and beyond Stone Mountain. It would encompass most of the southern half of DeKalb except for existing   cities and the proposed city of Stonecrest.  

   “We consider the results of the report to be a validation of our belief that we have a viable area that can now begin to focus on economic development within its boundaries,” said a statement by Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb.  

   Greenhaven’s projected revenue from taxes and fees exceeded its expenses for government services by more than $27 million, the UGA study said. The city would take in about $45.6 million annually   compared to costs of $18.4 million. 
   The city would offer three basic services: code enforcement, planning and zoning, and parks and recreation. DeKalb would continue to provide police protection, road maintenance and other services through existing taxes paid to the county.  

Greenhaven is one of six potential cities seeking approval by state lawmakers this year.

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Blogmaster can you find out if greenhaven forms will they contract with dkpd or form their own police dept. Guess its time to find another job