Monday, March 2, 2015

Scrambling For Lifeboats in DeKalb

Having a corrupt commission and a superintendent of schools hurling the race card is not helping when it comes to citizens wanting to flee DeKalb's governance.

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Anonymous said...

Ferguson is getting slammed currently for, as the DOJ puts it, "serving as a collection agency rather than a law enforcement entity" which is EXACTLY what DKPD has been doing for several years now. Ridiculous ticket revenue generating while officers respond to violent calls alone is shameful. If you've been a yes man/woman as another poster put it pushing Dekalb's crooked agenda then prepare for some jail time and/or termination as is occurring in Ferguson. Sooner or later it pays to have some balls and stand up for what's right.

Anonymous said...

And I hope that when the axe comes down that the Atl School Board trial judge, Judge Baxter, gets to preside. Whoooo Hoooo. Adios you rotten banditos. Pack your seabags, your going up the river for a LONG vacation.