Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looks Like The Freaks Are Coming!

How many will show up? Who knows. But we have a masterful idea on how to keep them out of DeKalb County. Just park the Magic Buses that Burrell Ellis did not get rid of at the county line with a beat car guarding it and poof! Magic! No problems.


Slamin Ethel said...

Look im no fan of Freak Nik by no means, it only serves to let the degenerats out on the town for the night.
Ethel has always found that one on one an individual is generally acceptable in life.
But you put mulitples together and what you have is a good old fashioned %&^$ Fest!
Yup thats right dummies in life that cant seem to do what is right, cant seem to be hospitable to one another.
Looking for ways to be da man, rape da ladies,smoke da weed, commit da crimes, all while looking at the poor old beat cop standing on the corner doing nothing.
Now why do we do nothing I tell ya, generally because were told to look the other way for the petty stuff, in fear of starting a full blown riot.
It can easliy get out of control and when shots are fired to protect my lil ass, who will stand up for us.
No one thats right!. The news story will say that I was neglegent in my actions for firing on an unarmed crowd.
Now that will be bullshit since we all know that damn near every citizen out there will be armed, but that will be hidden as well.
Oh well I will be looking forward to Major Stathis calling out seat belt violations agian, while standing in the median.
All the while I will be getting high on duty while smelling the fresh scent of good ol cannabis rolling by.
I wonder if I test positive on my random drug screening if that could be used as an excuse, im guessing not.
Gotta go Ethels in need of a walking.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jones, quit talking and put your money where your mouth is. The fact of the matter is that it is not possible to arrange a legal festival over the internet. We are ready for you....your little "Freaknic" will boost the economy.....through the payment of fines and bailbonds.

Anonymous said...

Magic Bus....aka the murder or robbery bus. If you see one in your neighborhood, its a clue that one of your neighbors has been robbed or killed. There will also be one less officer patrolling the area because someone has to protect/babysit the bus.

I have a idea: since it's a "mobile precinct", why not have the Lieutenant on duty do his or her J2 out it during the shift. Instead of sitting in the precinct, they can manage from the field and keep an officer on the street.

Oh yeah....it doesn't have computers or communications that would make that possible.

CEO Ellis.... when will the buses make an appearance on Ebay?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when Vernon said he wish he could buy 20 of them for the police department.

The Mobile Precincts are deployed and we still have crime.

The buses need to go and anyone who still believes they solve crime.

The department is still wasting fuel and maintenance on these buses.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Keisha won't be here to dance on top of one of the Magic Buses.

Anonymous said...

Tony McNary freaks me out because he looks too much like Vernon Jones.

Anonymous said...

Perfect recruiting opportunity for the Department!

Anonymous said...

Why are they treating the Officers like slaves?(TRT) And, the Forcing them to work without overtime after 40 hours, that's illegal. If you complain you get punished or black balled. This continues to happen on TRT in the past and the present. Empty promises,over worked,no vision and no leadership to reflect majority of officers on the team. You have to wonder what the mindset is when you see the majority of officers on the street are men of color and the Command staff makes comments that are derogatory, such as "Go out there and just arrest whoever and treat them however, because most of them are too ignorant to complain," Where is the balance? Where are the ethics? Where's the solution? Where's the overtime?

The Team's morale has fallen so much ever since they forced a minority manager off the team , saying she was promoted off the team(yeah right). The Sergeants are to scared to speak up,but I know they hear the frustrations of the officers and how everyone wants to leave. It's not supposed to be this way. It's not right at all.

bill romanowski said...

comment on the TRT section. I heard it is a Charlie Foxtrot, To many arrogant ego's up top. Good luck, they don't care. because they are sitting pretty. Dang I thought SWAT had the same problem last year. arrogance, cronyism, good ole boy network.

Come on Chief this is getting out of control. You may not be that way but when you let others
( Majors, Captain and LT's)run a- muck and do not say or do anything you are just as wrong as them.

Anonymous said...

Amen,I'm glad someone is saying something.

Anonymous said...

TRT used and abused. Some story, different group. I learned that hard work, tickets and arrests don't mean squat when you're NOT willing to play DOWN to their level of ethics. I lost a lot of respect for the command staff I work for and just try to fly below the radar.

Punch the clock...answer your calls and bring in the quota. Find what makes you happy and do it. Get your satisfaction and personal reward out of whatever you do on your own that contributes to making the world a better place.

I've learned that happiness comes from what I do and who I am... NOT from what the brass says or doesn't say. They sold me out and they'll sell you out in a heartbeat.

Sad thing....there's a rookie or a KoolAid drinking vet standing there waiting to lick some boots and get a pat on the head. As long as there are those willing to be screwed over for an assigned patrol car and a different uniform, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

TRT officers are tired of the abuse by the command staff. Please let us get off the team without being black-balled. Majority of the team wants Lt. Howard back, because she cares about the troops. WHERE'S THE OVEERTIME! I guess we will have to call Channel 46.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I will stay if Lt. Howard comes back.