Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disgraced Former Police Chief Terrell Bolton Hires New Attorney, Denied Continuance

The pitiful Terrell Bolton who was fired as police chief for total incompetence, has hired attorney Nakata Fitch to replace attorney William "Bill" Mckenney who jumped the sinking ship.

On May 7, Bolton's new attorney, Nakata Fitch filed a motion for a continuance before Superior Court Judge Castellani, which was promptly denied.

Bolton's appeal hearing for his alleged wrongful termination is scheduled for Monday, May 10 at 1:30 PM before Judge Castellani, court room 7C

One word comes to mind: Loser


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be in the courtroom for this hearing just to see this ass clown again. I am still sickened by the DeKalb officers who kissed this man’s ass and followed him blindly. They helped him mistreat a lot of good men and women and they helped him inflict a lot of damage on this department. Where is the shame? Where are the apologies?

Anonymous said...

Well...I always thought he was an idiot anyway but what really confuses me is that if he was so incompetent then why are a lot of the policies and practices that he started still in place...brings a little legitimacy to his case....if everything he did was such a waste of time then why hasn't any thing changed...the only changes that have occurred is the names behind the titles.....there are so many people that are so freakin caught up in having a title in front of their name...

The incompetence is still with us

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is he getting the money to continue to fight a battle that anyone with half a brain would have walked away from by now ?????? Clue Tebo: the lawyers are going to SUCK YOU DRY!! lol
P.S. I never give money to panhandlers.

Anonymous said...

Your right and most of them are on this site.

Anonymous said...

TEBO = LOSER! Let him waste his money. I'm enjoying this freak show!