Friday, July 1, 2016



J T Irwin #678. said...

I had the honor,and yes,priviledge,to train this fine,young man,from the first day in this job,and through-out his following years. A sharp,smart,motivated,dedicated young officer. When the hounds of "war" howled,he was the kind of officer that you wanted to show,up,when you had to call for "another unit". He had my respect,not only as a man,but as a fellow officer,which was,and still is,hard to gain. He still has it to this very day,and always will. His death was so unfortunately,a constant reminder for all to remember,the enormous dangers,and hazards of our chosen profession. All that knew him,can shed a tear,close ranks,and drive on,today.Step was my friend,I think of my friend often.I miss him,and always will.

Boz said...

R.I.P Step

DKPD BLUE said...

I had the pleasure to be involved in this fine,young man's training.He was a sharp,smart,motivated,dedicated officer.Most officer's who knew Step,are all gone/retired/or are retiring soon.For those who did not have the opportunity to know,or work with Step,they will never realize what they missed.Step was the kind of officer that you wanted to respond to your call for another unit/"10-18".Like all officers losing their lives in the line of duty,his memory fades over time,and he is just one more picture on the wall,now.Step's loss is still felt by many.Step had my respect,not only as a man,but as a police officer as well.Both are rare,and difficult to earn,from a old school"police",like myself.If Step could tell all of you,anything,since his death,it would be this."This is,has been,and will always be,a very,very,dangerous job.PLEASE,DONT EVER,forget this"!Although,it has been ten years since his death,I think of him,and his family,often.Step was a good man,and my friend.I miss him.